Saturday, October 06, 2007

Christmas?'s coming...

So this is the thing...I know that it is 86 degrees out can't avoid the fact that Christmas is a mere 2 1/2 months away!
The snow, the music, the lights, that man in the's all on it's way.

(On a side note...for those of you that are parents of "believers" Santa threats are now fair game...i.e. "Know that Santa is watching you do that...and he is marking things OFF your list..." or my favourite "That's it! Get me the phone...I need to make a call...1800CALL SANTA". These are both great...but remember,use the power of Santa wisely;))

I am quite troubled with Christmas knits this year. I am so little knitting time. is knitting time but not so much planning and designing time this year. The WOW factor may not be in this years knits. I don't have time to really think about my knitting, I only have time to actually knit.

So, there won't be any of this...and there is really not time for this...or any of these.
I know, I know, it is really quite disappointing. But fear not my dear knitting friends...there are so many simple knits as well as talented knit bloggers out there...the patterns are endless.

Take for instance the Zeebee hat.


Oh yes...I will be making some of these. What a great's simple, quick and the short rows keep your interest. In a variegated yarn, this would be great! I think the nephews in my life would really appreciate it...hint, hint...send me some colour choices.
Anyway...I gave it a go. With extra yarn in the stash, itching to be knit...I did just that in a couple of nights...

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The first dozen grafted stitches didn't work out. For some reason, I was grafting like it was reverse st st. I ripped them out and studied it again...and away I went...grafting the garter stitch.

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Success! It is beautiful. I wish I did this for those fingerless mitts...hmmmmm.
Fear not the garter stitch grafting! It is so satisfying.
I am thinking of a little how to lesson...on the next hat!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! You know what's next (well, besides Halloween and then the American Thanksgiving...)


Anonymous said...

That's funny. I made my first Zebee just before you finished your mitts and I remember thinking the two would work well together as a Christmas present for my sister and her boyfriend. Yay for simple knits!

Anonymous said...

i would love a tutorial on garter grafting...still boggles me

hat & mitts are great!

peaknits said...

I too would vote for a tutorial:) Nice grafting!

goodkarma said...

Amazing how well that graft worked; I can't see it at all. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Molly Swetnam-Burland said...


Kelley said...

That looks great! And yes, please, do a tutorial so I can make one too. :-)