Friday, October 06, 2006

R2 D2 Hat

R2 D2 Hat
(Please note that I am hoping I interpreted my notes this pattern as written has not been test knit. Please email me with any problems or if you make one!)
Yarn: Elann's Devon. One ball of each in navy(main colour), grey and white. Waste yarn for provisional cast on.
Needles: US #2 circs or double pointed needles (which ever you are comfortable with). Whatever size you need to get guage.
US#1 circs for the lining.
Size: 20" Youth - you could easily make it adult size by using a thicker yarn or adding a few rows and columns.
Gauge: 17 sts in 2" and 17 rows in 2" worked in pattern, in the round, after blocking.
Notes: The hat is knit entirely in stockinette stitch in the round. (except row #3 the purl row near the cuff). The chart is repeated 4 times per row reading the chart from right to left, except for the wording chart that is inserted around the 160sts.
*The red outlines indicate the chart I used from THIS SITE. Insert the R2D2 there. ( I have put in the feet to help.) I made the body white and the "head" of r2d2 in grey, this way working only 2 colours per row.
Stitches 35-40 (part of the "o" and the "u") in row 7-11 is the ending of the "May the force be with you" chart found HERE. Insert this 92 stitch chart in the red outlined area then knit the 2 stitches ( st 127 and 128 of these rows) after the chart in main colour and stitches 129-160 repeat the 5 stitch motif ending on stitch 4. I hope this makes sense...sorry.
Here is the 5 stitch motif:
Decreases: The decreases are worked every row started at row 67.
/ = k2tog
\ = ssk
With main colour, waste yarn and using larger needles, provisionally cast on 160 sts. Join in the round and place marker to indicate the beginning of the round. With main colour, start row 1 of chart. Switch to double pointed needles when needed, or just work magic loop.
When chart is complete, k2tog around. Cut yarn and thread the tail through the remaining stitches. **Weave in ends.
Remove waste yarn and place the stitches on size 1 needle. Join the grey and knit one round. Decrease the next round as follows:
K2tog, k8 16 times. 144sts.
Knit in straight st st until lining measures 2.25". Join main colour (navy) and knit one more round, leaving a 2 yard tail. DO NOT BIND OFF. I found it easier to now put those remaining sts on scrap yarn. Fold hem up and steam flat with and iron. Tack each stitch down to the inside of the hat. Wash and block.
* I am trying to avoid copyright problems.
**I recommend knitting in your ends (nona shows you here) as you work the chart.


Anonymous said...

The knitted "may the force be with you" just slays me - what a great pattern!

Laura B said...

This is really too cute. So nice of you to share all your hard work. Now I just need to find someone to knit it for...

msubulldog said...

Yes, so cute--and thanks for writing it all up! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you put this up! I have to make this for a friend of mine. She's a loves star wars. Thanks!

barbara said...

Wonderful pattern! I have a son, now 32, who was 4 years old when the first star wars movie was released. This in the days before videos and DVD (hard to believe now!)and the movie ran in the theatres for months, because if you wanted to see it again, you went back to the theatre. My son loved Star Wars and begged to be taken to see it over and over again. I must have sat through it with him at least 10 times, and so did his father, and his grandparents. I used to watch his face instead of the movie. To him it was so real. Your pattern has brought back a happy memory for me.

Mariss said...

I'm sure this hat will become a favorite, and a source of envy! How adorable and clever.

Mag said...

What a wonderful thing that hat is!

miss ewe said...

That's Fan-FREAKING-tastic. Thanks for sharing!

Acornbud said...

Aaah, that hat is way cool! Thanks for sharing:)

Engranon said...

Thank you for sharing your design notes and patterns! When my son saw the first picture you posted of this hat, he immediately said, "I want THAT!" Now to take the plunge into colorwork!

Jenny Raye said...

Uh oh....I have two teens and a preschooler who would love that hat.

kristin said...

That is SO TOTALLY AWESOME. My nephew is getting that for Christmas. Thanks for writing it down.

be squared said...

Yeah! Thanks for writing this up. It's going in on my Christmas knitting list!

Ann-Marie MacKay said...

did i miss something in the pattern?
i cast on, marked the row and starrted the chart.
now i'm a few inches in and i'm reading that there was supposed to be a purl row somewhere?
How many rows until the purl row?

Sharmane said...

This hat is so fucking awesome! My husband would die. Now if only I knew how to do stranded knitting!!!!!!!

Ansley Bleu said...

Super cute! This may have to be paired up with my knit Leia wig. Thanks!!!

Bonnie said...

that's the best! thanks for posting!!!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!
My boyfriend would love this, and I do not know how to knit nor know anyone who does.
Does anyone here know of a website that could make something like this for me? Or any other custom hats?
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I featured your hat in an article I write for You can read it here. =)

Anonymous said...

Good work! I'm going to have to learn how to knit patterned just so I can make this for my boyfriend for Christmas...

TricieKnits said...

Thank You!!! Your pattern is going to be a huge help. I'm making a Star Wars Scarf for my friend's 5 year old who was born a geek! (Geek being used as a compliment)

Acornbud said...


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