Monday, January 07, 2008

New year...some old knits.

So I haven't even cast on for the second much for getting it done last year!

My sister will be in town for work thursday...let's try again!

I realize things have not been very exciting around this here blog.
I know why.
Nothing new in the stash. I have been trying to knit up the yarn that I new yarn was not really in the budget. I caved a couple of times for sock yarn, baby cashmerino that was on sale and that noro that made the beautiful scarf. (which by the way is by far my favourite knit of 2007. I wear it almost every single day!)

So, look forward to so new yarn in this new year...I can't take it anymore! I have been successful in knitting some of what I own...I will continue but with a little new yarn here and there.

So, what is on the needles now...cause we know the gauntlets are not...


I know...just about everyone has knit it already...but I have not. I have always admired it...and of course had some leftover "calmer"...perfect.

Hopefully you will see a progress photo of some gauntlets within the next couple days...maybe I will cast on today before work...maybe.


Anonymous said...

love the hat :-)

Stephanie said...

It's a great pattern. I'm sure the finished hat will be amazing.

Dorothy said...

It's a beautiful hat and I really love the colour.