Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finishing up the knits of 2007

The agony of defeat!

Yes, I did get a lot of knitting done for Christmas this year...but I didn't finish one gift. I let the recipient know...and she actually saw this one...

I have yet to knit the other though. I did give her a back up gift of this with some matching leather gloves...and the promise of a finished pair of gauntlets.

I need a little motivation to cast on the other glove. It's very similar to SSS (second sock syndrome)...but with gloves! With the new year quickly approaching...I would like to put them in my finished knits of 2007...two days to go...I am trying to stay positive here people!

FYI I seemed to have neglected my knitting email account...I see some questions from readers from November! So sorry...I will get those answers out ASAP!


Denise said...

The gauntlet looks beautiful, I hope you get the other one finished soon.
I'd like to add you to my knitting reads, if that's ok :)
All the best for 2008.
Hugs Denise

Stephanie said...

The glove looks fabulous and I'm sure the recipient will understand, especially because the wait will surely be worth it.

Anonymous said...

I started one of those gloves and knew I'd never finish it, so ripped it out. I bookmarked your blog because you were working on this project. You've done so well: the finished glove is beautiful. Finish the other one - for the recipient and for your readers.

Anonymous said...

Love the glove! It's great to see such great finished objects. Your blog is great.

Jennifer said...

Fabu photo!