Monday, October 09, 2006

Answer time.

Kilt hose questions:

Q: Are those sparkly bits on the ankles, or little lace holes where the cables meet?
--Posted by Danielle

No sparkles...that is just my white skin showing throught the yo holes!

I want to make a pair of those, also not knee-high, but I'm a little stymied by not being able to figure out where in the pattern to start, due to the calf shaping. If you could give me any hints I'd really appreciate it!
Thanks --
--Posted by AuntieAnn

Well, I didn't want to get into any real calf shaping I started where you would turn the cuff down and did about an inch of ribbing. Then I did do the shaping every 6 rows (whatever the pattern said) and tried it on as I seemed to work as written for me.

Latvian Twist
Now that is dead cunning! One question, do you loose much length in your cast on because of the twisting? It really is beautiful.
--Posted by tammy

No I didn't really loose any length in the cast on. It is pretty stretchy. This particular pattern decreases a couple sts about an inch after the cast big deal.

A couple public service announcements for knitters...

Shelley and Dianna thought it would be wonderful to get some spinners and knitters and make a shawl for each mother and sister, perhaps even grandmother, of the victims, deceased and alive of the Amish school shootings. They are thinking of assigning a spinner and a knitter to each recipient to have the spinning and the knitting be consistent within one shawl. Contact them if you are interested.
Shelley: shelleyplatt AT frontiernet DOT net
Dianna: knitmdster AT gmail DOT comThank you!-- Dianna

Rhoda would like you to know of a SNB group in Michigan:
Where: Tuscan Café, 150 N. Center, Northville, MI 48167
When: Second Wednesday of the Month, 6:30pm till ???
Contact: Rhoda sweetknits (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions

I had a little photo of the very cool heel of the rib and cable sock...but I seemed to have accidently deleted it as I cleaned up photos today on the computer. Hmmmm...another tomorrow maybe.
Meanwhile, I've completed the first sock and have started the second! Socktoberfest continues...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus day to you too! I adore the R2D2 hat. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm working on the rib and cable sock too! AND for the second time ever I am shunning my favorite short row heel and doing the heel as written (the first time was the time I made socks for you). I'm hoping I like it, but I'm worried it is a little long. Just finished the flap and as soon as I set a few pieces to the blocking board I will continue on. Wish I could have seen that photo!

AuntieAnn said...

Thanks for sharing how you did the Kilt Hose -- that will be very useful to me!