Friday, May 13, 2005

Sometimes, I impress myself...

Ok, first off. I have changed some settings for commenting...some people were unable to comment on the site because they are not "bloggers" so I changed it good or bad! I have a similar problem on sweetgeorgia's site...Felicia if you are out there...I can never comment on your site...can I just say I love your it.
Now, may I take up a moment of your time to impress you. I played today with my swatch...that's what swatches are for! I tried many decreases, increases, slip they are:

I tried to point to the final choice with the other needle...wish I could make a fancy arrow on some program but don't have the time to figure that out! So I used my new knowledge of cabling without a cable needle and moved that slip stitch to the left. I then slipped the two purls plus the slipped stitch onto the right needle yib. Continued and on the WS I purled those three together...voila! A beautiful decrease with the slipped stitch in place. Thank you, thank you, no applause really...come on....ok...I am a knitting diva!
Now I am half way up the back of "Loll" with no batteries in the camera, so you will have to wait.
I did visit my LYS today to pick up some needles...THAT IS ALL...don't look at me like that, I bought no yarn...none. I did however find the spring interweave knits. I know I am late in the game, but very excited about this magazine. Anyway, I have started my Christmas knitting! Well, not actually started, like on the needles...but the planning...oh yeah. For fear that the person who will be receiving this lovely handknit, priceless, gift is reading my blog, it will have to be kept somewhat secret. So, turn to page 52....don't you just love it! You know who it is for! has some lovely Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed that would work perfect. Hmmmm...what colour....
What about page 92....yeah I can handle those! She'll love them!
Man do I have some knitting to do!..."Just hear those sleigh bells, jingalin'...ring ting tingalin' tooooo......."


goodkarma said...

Dontcha just love it when you figure out something new? Then you feel like you can do anything at all!! :)

I love the pattern on page 92. I want to make that for myself some day.

Anonymous said...

Christmas knitting!?!?!? In May??!?!?! That's one of the most well-planned projects I think that I know. When we're all grouching about our Christmas knits on December 21st, you can look at us smuggly and say "I'm done."

The swatching? Welcome to the world of methodical knitting. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for enabling comments for us non-Blogger-people. I have wanted to comment before, then would see the blogger-only sign in and grumble about it..

Swatch looks great! You are so good to try out all the options! and its never too early for Christmas knitting. I want to knit socks for everyone this year, and already feel like I needed to start months ago.

Anna said...
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Anna said...

I hope you're planning on making everyone afghans for Christmas! I understand the notion though, today I comtemplated making a touque.

I hear you about Blogger, I wish they'd do away with the whole profile thing and just let people make comments that linked to their blogs or email addresses. Are you listening Google company? Why must you punish us?