Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm pregnant, I am allowed to complain.

Ok, so this has nothing to do with knitting. I'll try to come up with a knitting photo to throw in somewhere...

I complain alot, especially lately...pregnancy brings that out in you. I just have a hard time understanding people and how their brains work. People make really bad choices...and then you would think that others would learn from these mistakes...but no, they don't.

Take for instance fireworks. I don't get the whole "let's go set off some fireworks" thinking. I don't understand why they are legal to sell to anyone who wants to light one up...doesn't make sense. Are people not injured while doing this...especially because they seem to always have a beer in one hand and a lighter in the other. The Canadian memorial day holiday was this past weekend, better known as the May 2-4 weekend. Evidently this is when everyone stocks up on their fireworks to annoy all their neighbours. Here in my lovely neighbourhood, they set them off in the back AND front yards. Daylight or twilight...doesn't matter...the bigger the bang the more enjoyable. Especially when you are trying to watch the final episode of LOST...I love the background noises of gun shots out your window. Those of us who are not drinking beer don't seem to find these fireworks as entertaining.
Why don't you save the money you would have spent on the beer and the fireworks and fly to Disney and see real pyrotechnics...instead of annoying your pregnant neighbours from 8pm until midnight.

Just in case you have more faith in people than I is another example of complete and utter stupidity.
I was on my way into the bank yesterday morning when I notice a car parked in the handicap spot with a baby seat in the front seat. Yes, very stupid. It has been proven that children in car seats are safest in the back seat. Well, that wasn't even the stupid part....THERE WAS A BABY IN THE CAR SEAT! Yes, that's right. Some complete idiot left an infant in the car, in the heat, with the windows done up (not that a cracked window would make them any smarter) in the mall parking lot. I couldn't believe my eyes. I did a double take and when I realized what I saw, I walked back to the car in complete disbelief. The baby was sleeping and I saw it move it's head. I knew exactly what was going on...some idiot went into the bank machine area and left their child in the car. I run to the mall doors and there was no idiot at the bank machine. I run back to the car and pull out my phone and start to dial the police when the IDIOT comes out of the mall. He was starring me down so I knew it was him...and started screaming at him...yes, picture the pregnant lady throwing a fit in the middle of the parking lot. He didn't care. He actually was getting pretty upset with me telling me to mind my own business and "he could do whatever he wants, just like I can do whatever I want." Yeah, that was what I was dealing with. I suddenly was fearing my safety...this guy was pretty scary looking. He sped off in the car...and in all that I never got his license plate. I feel so guilty about this, I could have taken a photo of it...but it was just all so unbelievable. I spotted a mall cop and gave him a description of the vehicle, in case he was going to park somewhere around the mall...and go shopping while the child is in the car.
So, not only am I writing this to voice my complaint in regards to some idiots who live here...but to inform those of you who do not know what the consequences of doing this would be.
15 minutes is all it takes to kill a child left in a hot car...window open or not.
Here you can find the Canadian public safety warning.
There are actual laws against leaving your child in a car unattended for even a minute. Hot or cold weather, it is illegal.
Lock your vehicles because many unattended children get into unlocked parked cars (no joke, search it online) and get seriously injured or die.
Install your car seats correctly and in the back seat of your vehicle. (many people I see driving around with the baby car seat handle up, it usually needs to be in the down position to lock it into the base)
Be smart...and more observant as I...I should have called the police anyway with his plate number...he will probably do it again.
I need to move.

FYI mall parking lots and casinos are the most common area where people leave their children in cars...can you believe that!


Phoebe said...

Have you read this article? -

It's pretty horrifying, and even more horrifying that people leave their babies in cars on purpose. You were perfectly justified in flipping out. I might've smashed the window in and snatched the baby out, just to be safe.

Annette said...

I live in southern california and every summer there is at least one story on the news where some idiot leaves a child in the car and the child dies. It's unbelievable to me.

nicole said...

I'm not going to comment on leaving kids in parked cars, I think we all stand on the same side on that.
However: Handle up or down: Our carseat was to be installed handle up, it had no base. The handle was supposed to act as a safety "break" in case of impact, if the carseat was tipped against the seat it would prevent the baby from hitting the seat.

Marcy said...

I so totally agree with you, but you'll never escape it. There are IDIOTS everywhere! Take some deep breaths, it's not good for the baby and forget this stupid guy.

Beatriz said...

I get so upset when I see child neglect like this. Having children is a privilege. Unfortunately, idiots like that are all over the place. Deep breathes, deep breathes.

Maryse said...

Your are totally right on both issues! At least, there was a good person like you to call the police if his irresponsible parent had not come back... I'm glad to hear that you did not ignore the situation as many people would do. Good post!

TracyKM said...

I know at the casinos (in Ont) they are pretty diligent about checking cars frequently, and people have been charged with abuse/neglect.
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets ticked off with the 'handle up' folks. One of my on-line mom friends did tell me though that her seat said the handle had to be either straight up, or all the way down. So now I try to be a little more unattached, LOL. Even with seats with no 'leave in car' base, the handle is supposed to be down on 99% of seats.
What gets me too...seeing people use carseats that are way too old. You know the Duggars, on TLC? 19 kids? About 5 years ago I saw them using a carseat that we had also had, 5 years prior to that (and it was already old at that point), and it had been recalled when we had been using it! And they let their kids run around the bus, not in carseats.
I saw a man driving around my neighbourhood with a toddler on his lap. I saw another man let two young girls sit in the (single) front seat of a Corvette, in front of the front doors of a school.
It goes on and on....