Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rowan Kids Jackson

Denim yarn. Love it or hate it.

It's sometimes hard enough to figure out size and get gauge for your project...adding in shrinking the finished garment to size is enough to scare off most knitters.
After all your work, you then have to put the finished garment in the washer AND dryer and hope it comes out in one piece.
Well, this knitter is here to tell you that it is not as difficult as it sounds.

I won't lecture you on the importance of swatching. I will be the first to admit I don't swatch for things like socks...but sweaters are a must. ESPECIALLY if you need a before and after washing gauge. I did have difficulty getting gauge on my swatch, but that was all my fault. I should have cast on more than the 4" because my gauge does loosen up on larger pieces. Knowing this, I went with the tighter gauge (yes I made two swatches and washed both) and was fine. I am quite satisfied with the finished garment...

Lucca in Jackson blue denim

Started: April 6, 2010
Finished: May 3, 2010
Yarn: Rowan denim colour #65 dark blue. I knit the 8-10 size which called for 8 skeins, but ended up needing a 9th to make the neckbands.
Pattern: Jackson by Sarah Hatton in the new Rowan Kids book.
Adjustments: None. I knit as written. The pattern is easy to follow.

The style of the sweater is longer sleeves...but I think they are a little too long. I also knit the 8-10 size for Lucca to wear in the fall...but it fits now. He is average size and wears a size you may want to knit a bigger size than the child wears.
He looks so cute in this sweater. The denim really softened up after washing and feels quite comfortable. (no complaints from him, and trust me he would have told me right away).

Lucca in Jackson blue denim II

I haven't knit anything for the boys in a long time. He picked out the pattern and the yarn colour, so I know he will wear it.

He is especially excited that it is off to Shall We Knit for display and will most likely make it to the Downtown Knit Collective this weekend in Toronto!

Thank you all for you kind comments on my sewing and the little garter yolk cardigan. To answer a question, the bag does "stand up" on it's own due to all the interfacing and the peltex!


Anonymous said...

Great sweater! I'm solidly on the "love it" side of Rowan denim!

Kara said...

I never really considered some denim yarn before, but this makes me take another look. Really cute!

Maya said...

I'm love rowan denim too! i love the stich definition and colourways!