Thursday, June 24, 2010

Force Knitting.

Is the mojo back, well no. But I am trying...forcing it. I actually have finished up a few things and cast on for more. Are there There is a mobility problem lately.
You see, my sciatica is trying to kill me. It could happen, death by sciatica. This is the third day of it and the second of a pretty much sleepless night. I have resorted to extra strength tylenol ( I am not normally popping any pills while pregnant ). Hopefully todays doc appointment will bring me some relief.
He is a fantastically kind and knowledgeable doctor. He understands my humour...but he is a he. He'll never actually carry a baby.
I love how doctors ask how you are feeling. HA!
Let's see...
My sciatica is currently trying to kill me. I can't sit, stand, lay down or bend.
I have indigestion...reflux, burning everynight...just from a sip of water.
Because of this indigestion, I need to try and sleep sitting up, which doesn't work. This puts pressure on my sciatica and there is no sleep involved.
I am fat. I look down at my body and wonder who that is.
I can't walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I feel extremely out of shape and would really love to be able to go for a run.
There is a vein bursting out of my right looks gross and travels all the way up. Yes, I mean all the way up.
You know those veins in the hands of serious weightlifters...well my boobs look like they have been weightlifting. Attractive!
Hemorrhoids. Nuff said.
TMI. I know, I'll stop there.

Other than that I feel super fantastic!

We were just chatting about that first child feeling at knit and chat the other morning. The joys, the wonderment, that pregnancy was so wonderful...experiencing growing another human being. By the third, it doesn't seem so joyous! Just give me the baby, I'll do much better when he is on the other side:)
I tend to complain this one...but I know how lucky I am to be able to experience this. His room should be complete this weekend and I can just sit back and relax all summer. 9 1/2 more weeks to go...but who's counting;)

Ok, so knitting.


I've been working away on Jada with Rowan lenpur linen yarn. I ran out of yarn on the bottom ribbing...with a few rounds to go of nearly 400 sts. It's finally finished up and blocking...hopefully I'll have some pictures later this week to show you.
There has been some more dabbling in double knitting...with a new pattern on it's way shortly.
Currently I am working on Aeolian Shawlette (from Knitty) in Tanis' mulberry silk. Gorgeous! Of course last night I screwed up three rows back with an extra yarn over. I'll look at that today to see if I can repair it and fix the gauge without ripping it back.

I may be force knitting...but I'm still at it!


Leah said...

So sorry to hear about your sciatica, that really sucks. I'm only 7 weeks into my second pregnancy and I'm nowhere near as uncomfortable as you, but I'm already ready to be done with it! Hang in there, you're almost done!

Katinka said...

I had my third baby in 2008, after a break of six years. While it was exciting, I confess there was also a little bit of "Oh crud, I'd forgotten what this felt like". You might give Tylenol PM a try for the sleeplessness. A good massage therapist can also really help with sciatica, too. Good luck to you!!!

TracyKM said...

During my first pregnancy, I thought I had sciatica and saw a chiropractor. It felt good, but the pain came back very soon. It turns out I have a bone spur on the SI joint (and probably arthritis). My son laid with his head on my SI joints and everytime he'd wiggle it would be excruitating. During my next two pregnancies, it got worse (although the girls were good and laid in better positions). I was taking Tylenol #3 and it didn't help. I also suffered from heartburn and Gaviscon foaming tablets were the only thing that helped. The Yarn Harlot has a trick for heartburn, something to do with raising your arms over your head. Weird but some swear by it.
Hope you find some relief so you can enjoy this unique time too :)

dclulu said...

Boy, I could easily have written most of this post, but I'm on my second pregnancy (and with only 3 weeks till my due date.) With my first pregnancy, I got awful sciatica too, and I tried massage and chiropractic -- no help. But now I've been going to a physical therapist and at least in that sense, I'm almost as good as new! You might try it.

Now if only my PT could help me with my heartburn, sleep issues, swelling, exhaustion, etc...

Cara said...

39 weeks and so feelin' ya. This is my first and I got to enjoy an easy pregnancy. But, I'm so ready for her to be born. I haven't found any relief from the acid reflux except keeping tums on my night stand and drinking a cup of aloe juice now and then. But, a really great pregnancy massage convinced the sciatica to go away. And it just feels good to be pampered when your body has become someone else's home.

Nicole said...

I know what you mean about the force knitting... my mojo has been off for a few months too, just starting to come back a little - but not much.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the sciatica and all else - but I can especially relate to the sciatica. I had it with my first pregnancy (17 years ago) and I remember it like it was yesterday. The absolute worst part was that I thought it would disappear as soon as I had the baby, but it took weeks afterwards for the inflammation to abate. Take care, keep those feet up if you can.

Anonymous said...

ok ok, let me think... how did you put it again?
"I'm going to show you all how it's done". Ya that was was it. CK

Sweetaimee81 said...

Sorry to hear about the crappy part of the pregnancy going on. Hang in there. I didn't love my second pregnancy it was rough from the get go. I feel for you. Chiropractor really helped with my back issues and hip issues with my rough pregnancy. :)

Unknown said...

Sorry about the pain you're having. I know how awful sciatic pain is. Just a suggestion, but you might find some relief by sitting on a Swiss ball. And if it's so tender that you can't even do that, at the very least, you can drape yourself over it, frontwards, in order to get some support and relief. Hope you feel better.

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