Thursday, March 05, 2009

Moving on.

So...has the Diminishing Rib Cardigan been ripped?
Well, not yet. It sits on the bench at the end of my bed...awaiting it's destiny.
Many thanks to all of the closure suggestions. I would really try them out if it wasn't also a size issue. It doesn't fit's too big. It doesn't matter how I close it up.

But, there it is knit up, with a knitters you can prepare yourself should you be casting on.
Surprisingly...40 people have favourited it on ravelry. Hmmm. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

What's on the needles now?
Well, Zaftig has been on and off the needles.


Ha! You were looking for a modeled shot! No chance.
This was a sample knit for Shall We Knit to show you that cascade fixation is not just for socks;)
Again, I knit it all the while thinking that I would never wear started to grow on me. Maybe in the privacy of my own backyard...20 lbs thinner...and some abs of steel...maybe.
It was fun to knit. A great study in short rows.
If knitting it again I would definitely try to combat that dreaded rolling edge with a garter stitch ridge. The straps are garter stitch so it would compliment it well.
Here are some more pics...I haven't seen any of the elasticband enclosure (which I only did a zig zag casing...not the x as in the pattern.)

zaftig elastic zaftig II

I decided to see if you could cast on in the middle of a row with a crochet cast on....

Yup, and it looks pretty good. I took the last stitch worked off the needle and put it on the crochet hook then cast on the required number of stitches before joining it in the round. It makes a matching edge for the cast off...but was totally not needed. You crochet around the edges to finish them off...but it can be done! You can see more photos on the ravelry page.

Another sample knit is the Zickzack Tunic from the spring 2009 Interweave.

zz progress

Eventually it will be mine.
After knitting up the back with such a delicious yarn, I will be so sad to let it go.
I am just loving this knit. The ribbing is worked with two strands held together and the lace in on bigger needles with one strand. It actually knits up pretty quickly. is a question I asked at my knitting group.
When measuring your knitting (should the pattern say continue until the piece measures x inches/cm) do you lay it flat and measure? Do you stretch it out (like for instance this lace pattern) to width and measure? Do you think all designers have a standard for this? Are they measuring as they knit...or are they measuring the finished garment after knitting?



grumperina said...

Haha! Love the green top! I understand the need for modesty, but I would love to see a modeled shot, even if over a long-sleeved tee or something :)

Your last question is brilliant and I don't think there's any convention whatsoever. I usually lay it flat. As for stretching versus not, I usually stretch a bit? No rhyme or reason, no rules. Because most likely those measurements (14" before such-and-such) were taken after blocking (as was gauge, which dictates this type of thing). So might as well give it the same kind of feel as though it's blocked, if I can.

margaux said...

yes great question! I agree with Grumperina, i don't think there's a "standard" to the measuring. I like to actually hold the piece up as if it were on my body and measure that way - let gravity do it's thing too. Sometimes the drape needs to be taken into consideration. That top is coming out GORGEOUSLY! I cannot wait to make one.

Susan Luni said...

I am rather picky about length, armhole placement, etc. When measuring, I refer to the schematic (and I never knit a sweater that doesn't have a schematic in the pattern) to make sure the pattern instructions match. That way, I know the measurement is for the garment laid flat and (usually) blocked. In that case, I'll have to refer to my swatch to figure out how much the fabric will change after blocking. Then I have a little try-on (sure, it's difficult with just flat pieces) just to make sure I like the look.
Your tunic is gorgeous. I love the fabric, which is like the Lace Ribbon Scarf, only prettier.

Patty said...

Just found your blog - you're so talented! The orange shawl is spectacular. I'd need a lot of the same attributes adjusted to put the green top on as well! As far as the stretching - I agree with Grumperina!

TracyKM said...

I knit a Zaftig too (I had a great email conversation with the designer about the need for support in larger sizes, and the issue of a stretch was funny...). I didn't knit the straps though, I made fabric straps (so there'd be NO drooping), and I just knit the cups...I was making a fabric body to sew to the cups...but never finished. I just wasn't happy, but I like your green version. Maybe I have enough yarn left to loosely knit a body, I don't think I'd wear it just as a bikini top even at home! LOL.