Thursday, March 12, 2009

This time I am listening.

I love this Estelle South Pacific pima cotton yarn I got at Shall We Knit. It is so soft...and not dishcloth looking. A little sheen but not shiney like mercerized's perfect.
I cast on origionally for a knit I had designed...but didn't like where it was going.
So, I ripped it back...a few times....and eventually decided on the Leaf Tie Cardigan from fitted knits. I made it through the yolk and did the neckline increases....but didn't really like it. It was not working for my I ripped it back...a few times...and came up with this neckline.

mauve neckline

Much better. A more gradual increase (every right side row). I cast on the front section where the ties will go. After a few inches, I decided it wasn't right...too big looking. So I ripped it back.
Yes, this is me listening to my inner knitter.
I left out the cast on section and just knit. I knit and knit that stocking stitch.
I made some nice waist increases and continued to knit until I was done the second skein.
At this point it was ok. So I changed the neckline, the look of the front and lengthened it.
Yes, I pretty much altered the total design.
I thought I better move on to an I knit and knit that stocking stitch for about 5 inches.
I tried it on for the umpteenth time...and stared deep into my eyes....I knew it was not right.
So, here it is as of last night.

mauve swatch

Yes. I am listening to my inner knitter folks.
Swatching again...maybe this? Kim Hargreaves Nectar book is also tempting me...guess what I will be picking up at the friday night knit and chat!?
Surprisingly enough...this yarn is surviving the pressure I am putting on it! Yes, that origional skein is getting a little halo...but it looks fine still. This is some fabulous cotton!

All is not loss in my knitting world.

rasp beret

Casting on, it is so much fun!


Lyz said...

I am glad your cotton is still ok. It's such a pretty colour.
Don't worry you will know the right pattern for that yarn one day when it comes along and smacks you upside the head. LOL

Philosophical Karen said...

Such knitting fortitude! I wish it were something you could bottle and sell. (I'd buy a case, I think.) That cotton is beautiful. It's good that it's holding up for all the experimentation.

RisaJ said...

I'm so happy you said it out loud. I always start something and rip it out and start something else.

I love your yarn and the patterns you pick are great!

Anonymous said...

We've all been there...and you're still smiling! :) I sent you two emails last month...did you receive them?
Happy knitting!

Susan Luni said...

It is interesting to read about your experience molding this pattern to fit. It is similar to mine, when I knit my not-so-cropped version last year. I hope yours turns out to your satisfaction. I have gotten a lot of use out of mine.
Here's the link to my blog post--my modifications are at the bottom of the entry: cropped cardigan

trixie stix said...

Love the color of the cotton and holding my breath to see how the sweater turns out.

Carol said...

The inner knitter knows. i am ignoring mine right now. It says to rip back a sleeve. Instead, I put that project down and cast on a new one.....