Monday, March 02, 2009

I need some closure...picture heavy post.

Firstly, before proceeding please note that when I take photos...I try to pick the most flattering ones. So it doesn't look all that the photos...but I will point out the problems to you.
Next, the design is lovely. It is not for may be for has nothing to do with the design...well, maybe a little with the "no closure" thing. But you can fix that.

The Dimishing Rib Cardigan.

DRC no closure II DRC back

Not too bad...a little big looking from the back.
Here are somethings I love.
I really love the colour. It is so spring like. Yes it is bright and maybe not for everyone but brights and neons are back in for spring.
I love the cuffs.

DRC cuff

Beautiful. I love the cast off. Sewing the 1x1 tubular bind off. Brilliant. Definitely a technique I will use again.
I love the ribbing and how it shapes the garment. Again brilliant.

So what is the problem you ask? Well, here is what I did wrong.

The first mistake is the yarn. I knew it. I picked up many different types of yarn...really wanted this lovely alpaca blend that was way out of my price point...but I decided to choose something inexpensive. There was my first hint, I didn't really want to commit to the design...there was something about that no closure thing. I love Cascade 220...but I needed something with more of a drape to it.
Mistake number one. Choosing the wrong yarn.

Next, the designer notes that it the model is wearing the 35 1/2" size with 1" positive ease. I choose to knit the next size 39 1/2" which is 2 1/2" positive ease. So when you are wearing a positive ease sweater that has no closure on the front...this is what it looks like after walking around for a moment.

need closure

Hmmm. So you re-adjust and strike another pose.
Knitting myself a sweater with positive ease.
Mistake number two.

DRC ease

It's just not working for me.
But that bracelet is! Don't you love it! That was made by a very talented knitter I met at Friday Night knit and chat. Heather said she was bringing more this week...can't wait!

Ok, back to the sweater.
How about a keyhole looking front. Like button at the top and the waist.
So with the help of some stitch markers you get this...

button closure buttons

Not bad. Easy to do.
What about putting on a button band. Well, I don't want it any bigger so I would have to figure out how to steek the front? I don't know...get rid of the I-cord edging and pick up stitches for a button band. I am sure this could be a posibility...anyone?
Mistake number three.
Knitting a cardigan with a no closure front.

Oh, you can see it pulling under my arm in the last photo. That is due to such a deep armhole...the inner knitter was speaking to me as I was knitting that as well. I like the armhole up in my armpit...well closer to it atleast.

So, now what?
Do I really want to try and make it work? Shall I seriously rip it all back?
Opinions please. This knitter needs help.

What if YOU really like this sweater. It is already might have 5 skeins of 220 around...we could swap! Anyone?


Collette said...

Girl, for that sweater, I'd buy you 5 skeins of any cascade you wanted!

That being said, I think it looks good on you. The color is perfect. Maybe a clasp at the waist. That would pull it in nicely and look pretty. I'm sort of imagining a metal one--nothing fancy.

Anonymous said...

would ribbon ties across the front help this at all? just to the bustline, and no lower - just tight enough so it doesn't wander???

i love that colour, it looks amazing against your skin.
if you hate it, you hate it and there is no more to it.

michelle :)

Anonymous said...

I also wonder if you just have a clasp at the waist or just under the bust if that would make it more wearable for you?

Whitnee said...

Love the color. Absolutely perfect. I would say if you can't figure out a way to make this sweater work for you, then you should frog it. Use that lovely yarn for someother sweater because it is perfect.

Lee-Fay said...

Thank you for blogging about this cardigan. I've been considering making it with some apple green yarn that I salvaged from another project that was not working.

I have swatched but not case on because I was concerned about the non-closure and positive ease issues too. I'm about the same bust size as you, so would also have ended up with quite a bit of positive ease.

Having seen it on you, I think I do like it enough to make for myself, but will have to factor in some closures.

I was contemplating adding a two ended or invisible zip. I've never added a zip before and am not sure if the front edges would need to be stabilised from behind maybe with a ribbon or something.

Do you think that would work with yours?

I think its quite pretty with the clasp at the waist but it does certainly needs to be closed somehow.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you really want to get rid of it... I have 6 skeins of 220, check out my stash at knittinginpink on Ravelry. The color is very similar to what you used.

grumperina said...

I am sorry you're not happy with your sweater. The color looks lovely on you, you're right. I concede that it looks a tad big and the no closure thing is an oversight. Otherwise... not bad. But I know you aren't happy. I would rip back and re-knit, but it's not a choice for everyone :).

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a double zipper, but I think that would work better if it didn't have so much positive ease. The ribbon ties might also work -- but no closure in the world will make the sleeves more to your liking, so I guess I would rip or add it to the gift giving pile!

Anonymous said...

I think that sweater looks great on you! Keep it.

Sir's slut said...

Thank you for posting such an informative piece about your Diminishing Rib. I was just swatching for mine (in a very similar color, though several sizes bigger) and was considering some of the same issues...

I think your sweater looks great! I understand what you mean about "re-adjusting" though. That is so frustrating! Maybe a cool shawl pin would be an option here? I have a great one that is hand carved bone. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone us. Your sweater looks great on you! Love the colour and it might not fit your perfectly as you hoped but it's still gorgeous on you.

My suggestion is maybe a belt worn high, just under the bust. It's the 'in' thing nowadays isn't it?

Hope you find a solution that works best for you, even if it means swapping it for yarn.

Lyz said...

The sweater is quite nice and the colour is awesome on you. You are right however, it needs a closure. I suggest one big button at the top or a nice shawl pin. Just enough to keep it closed around the neckline and therefore eliminating the need for constant readjusting. The open style looks good on you even with the positive ease. I think it just needs a little taming. I am hoping to see it in person.

Susan Luni said...

Warning--I'm not going to offer a positive viewpoint. While I like the pattern enough to consider knitting it for myself, I'm not totally sold on it.
If I had your sweater, I'd either sew it closed, leaving open a small v at the neck, or put in a zipper. If I had to do buttons or closures of any other kind, I'd want a button band. Since you say the sweater is already big, adding button bands would only make it bigger.
I really dislike the look of the two closures you improvised--that huge keyhole looks odd. I like it better open. As a casual sweater, it's not bad. That is, if you want a casual sweater.

Leisa said...

First off, thank you for sharing, have been contemplating this for my first ever sweater attempt. Am quite small, but busty and I always choose something like this sweater and then it just doesn't work with my body shape.
That said, your work is lovely, the colour is lovely, but if you don't like it, you won't wear it and all that lovely yarn could be put to better use

Cara said...

What about using a pretty shawl pin to close the front a little lower? (I found great ones on etsy last month.) I don't know that it would address the ease problem for you, but I honestly think its flattering on you until it flops around.

Cathi said...

Love the bracelets! Love the sweater on you too. Wasn't all that taken by the one on the cover of IK, but you've made it even better IMHO. If you hate it, you hate it tho - so I'd either frog or trade for yarn. (Although I bet the zipper idea would work!)

Anonymous said...

How about snap buttons, with regular buttons sewed on top? Or sewed shut with a, say, 3" opening at the top, as someone else suggested, but with buttons sewn along the edge. Sort of a fake cardigan. Just out of curiosity, are you still considering the whisper cardigan? The color is lovely, so if you won't be satisfied enough to wear it, frog it.

Anonymous said...

Its so *close* to working, and the color is amazing on you.

brewerburns said...

If you have any desire to salvage the sweater I would put clasps at the top and at the waistline, as demonstrated in the pictures with the stitch markers. Very pretty color, and the knitting is executed beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to discuss your issues with this pattern so clearly and fairly. Your photos show the truth about how this sweater really hangs that I'm sure got "fixed" by the stylist during magazine photoshoot.

Take a look at the Juliet cardi for closure ideas. That design has an intentional gap across the front bridged by a loop and button. Maybe something like that will make this wearable. That color is great on you!

I just bought the new IK today and am considering this pattern, but the lack of closure already had me thinking about alterations before even logging on to Ravelry. Now I'll know to reconsider the ease too. Thanks again.

Annette said...

It's pretty, but the fact that it has no closure would bug me too. It's too bad you don't love it. That's a great color on you. You could rip it out and reknit it in a smaller size, adding a closure. A lot of work, so it depends on how much you want it.

gail said...

How about a zipper?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all that honesty. I rely on those kinds of insights when I'm considering a project. My advice - give it to someone who looks good in it. Cascade 220 is cheap enough to chalk it up to a lesson learned without breaking the bank. Your stitch work is great - it just doesn't work on you. Whatever you decide, definitely use this colorway again. I agree with everyone else, that color is fab on you.

Anonymous said...

could a belt work?

Anonymous said...

Sorry if someone already suggested it, but what about snaps? Sometimes I'll put snaps when the sweater is a little will eat up at least 1/2 in. Then, you can just sew on some cute buttons on the front. Good luck!

Janet Richards said...

I'm a bit rounder than you - so my opinion is probably influenced by this but I love the sweater -

I know how it is when something is not right for "you" - but there is a reason it's getting so much Rav love :)