Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I should be napping...

I'm pretty tired now. I really should sleep when he sleeps, but who ever does that. I think the lack of sleep is finally catching up with me. I was and still am worried about this headache I have...hoping it doesn't escalate into a migraine.
Last night I finally gave in to the choochie.


I didn't want to introduce it until the thrush is completely gone...but at this point I am willing to throw them away if only for a few hours of sleep. He has a hard time settling down to sleep. He gets really mad and cries ALOT when he wants to sleep...I usually give in and feed him again just to settle him down, then he barfs because he ate too much. So disposable choochies it is! It did work last night, I just wish I didn't wait so long to give it to him. I am going to boil them after each use and hope for the best...

The boys were off to school yesterday and had great days.


Lucca...who's birthday it is today...really likes his teacher. He says she is really nice...that's why he is being so good...hopefully this will last:)

In knitting news...well, I still haven't picked any up. I did want to share one of my favourite baby that I have a baby to put them on!


This is a great pattern. Blue Steps baby booties. I really enjoyed knitting them and they were a great way to use up left over sock yarn. I knit my first pair as a gift, and this pair for my baby! The fit is fantastic for newborns. They are just starting to look a little small. I love that they don't come off when he is moving his feet all around. All the socks I have for newborns come off and most look too big anyway. These are perfect, and as you can see, he's got a lot of wear out of them. I will make more but go up a weight in yarn to fit him this next month.

That's it for now...nap time!


Cara said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't sleep when she should. My 9 week old seems to be having a growth spurt, and so she woke me up 8 times last night to nurse. I swore to myself I'd sleep when she napped today, but I wasn't ready to fall asleep. So, I did a little hand sewing (knitting seemed too ambitious) on the couch and hope the hours rest will be enough. She should be waking up any moment now.

busybusybeejay said...

what is a choochie?A dummy?Hope you have more sleep tonight.

nicole said...

I didn't nap when my son napped as a newborn but I did take naps with my daughter and let me tell you, it makes _all_ the difference. I just went and snuggled into bed with her, nursed her to sleep and by the time she fell off the boob I was asleep, too.
I swear, I never got as much sleep as when my daughter was a newborn and I was so much calmer and I had a lot of patience thanks to not being tired and worn out all the time.
Try it, really. Give it a week, see if you like it. Even today (she's 3) I still sometimes take a nap in the afternoon when she naps, especially when we've had some terrible nights with both kids sick or having nightmares or whatever.

Thrush: are you getting treated along with the baby? Is your husband? (I know, TMI, but really, everyone who comes into close contact - kissing, feeding, giving the baby their finger to suck on,... - should be treated otherwise it'll just keep going around in circles)

Those booties/socks look absolutely awesome btw. My daughter had several pairs of handknit socks as a newborn and hardly ever wore them because they kept falling off. I finally gave in and fastened them with a hair elastic that was just tight enough to help the socks stay on and not tight enough to leave marks...

Tricia said...

May I share with you a piece of advice that really helped me when I was nursing? I apologise if you know this already, but apparently it's very important to feed enough from one breast. The foremilk is watery and designed to slake the baby's thirst, but he or she needs to feed for some time before the richer and more satisfying hind-milk comes in. Before I learnt this, I was swapping breasts too frequently, leaving a hungry, fretful baby and an exhausted me. I certainly remember never having been as tired - before or since - as when my boys were tiny, so you have my sympathy.