Monday, June 22, 2009

Ribbed Oak Clematis

Signs of summer...the sun...the beach days...some light knits...and very little posting. Yes, the posts are few and far between, so I will try to make it worth the read! (I will atleast put in some pretty photos...promise:)

I made a day of World Wide knit in public day...joining the regulars at Shall We Knit for some sock blank dying. This was such a great time! I have so many more ideas after dying one blank and seeing so many other creative ideas. I decided to try a "picture" of something and see how it would knit up. I went with the clematis, growing in the back yard. So brown, for the earth and stems, a denim blue back ground, different greens and a purple flower...

sock blank

Once steamed (wrapped in saran, in water on a barbeque!) the colours kind of blended a bit...but the idea is still there. I think I would like to have more control over the colour with finer tipped dispensers and time. For those who are not familiar with blanks, it is two strands of yarn held together and knit on a machine into big flat rectangles. Now I can pull it apart and knit a matching pair of socks...brilliant!
FYI I really didn't dress for I grabbed an apron before I left. I know, I am so smart. No dye touched me. We went to grab a coffee after the dying session and of course my lid falls off and spills coffee down the front of my cream shirt. Yeah.

I wanted to knit something simple from the texture...but not a plain st st sock. So I decided on Nancy Bush's Oak Ribbed sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. Simple and you can still see the beautiful colour.

ribbed oak clematis

You can't really see the toe here...but the browns are gorgeous. I am really loving the way it knits up. The purples are just starting to work their way into the leg. LOVE IT!
I really love the denim blue with the brown...definitely a combination I will be using again.
You will be seeing more sock blanks here...I am finally feeling those creative juices flowing.

There is so much more to tell you about...but not enough time now. I need to get through this end of school week...a wedding on the weekend...and getting settled with the kids home full time! I should be pumping out the knits due to stress;)

Off to a take my 6yr old on his field trip...wish me luck.


Philosophical Karen said...

Love the blank and the sock being made from it. What a difference in colour between photographing indoors and out. The clematis itself is lovely too!

Trisha said...

Your sock blank is so pretty and so is your sock that you have made with it. I have been tempted to buy a sock blank over at Knit Picks. It looks like fun and it guarantees you some very original socks!

Unknown said...

The design you made on the blank is really cool... and the sock... oh my! Very very pretty!

cari said...

I saw that sock in person last night, and the pic just doesn't do it justice. It is l-o-v-e-l-y!