Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's catch up a bit.

I made it through the crazy last week of school...we are officially on summer vacation!
The wedding was so wonderful...just like those weddings you see in the movies. I won't get into it all...but just to let the knit and chat ladies know...I did eventually rip those spanks off, but waited until I was in the car...I was never seen hanging out by the bar with my spanks at my ankles;)

I also want to say how sad I was to hear that MJ died. I was a serious fan...especially in the early years. I was one of those girls who sported that single curl...I plastered my bedroom wall with his photos from the teen magazines...and dreamt of our wedding day. I had a little tape recorder with headphones I would wear to bed at night...listening to thriller until I fell asleep. I practised all the dance moves and knew all the words to his songs. I know he went a little wacko...but he was a brilliant artist who will surely be missed.

Ok. So, I have been knitting. Let's catch up.
I finished up the black back cable shell from CYE for Shall We Knit. I was knit in Classic Elite Yarns Cotton Bam Boo...a fabulous yarn. It has such wonderful drape and feels so cool against the skin.

cable back shell

I know the photos aren't the best...I don't have the girls to fill out the front, but here is the back

cable back shell II

Anyone near me when knitting it can attest to the drape of this yarn...I made everyone feel it. I really want to make myself a summer tank out of this...just which one?!

I am just knitting away this rush at all. I have a pair of socks done to show you...I finally blocked a pair that have been finished for a while...I have to rip a pair...and by the weekend I should be finished the pair of socks from my sock blank.

It is the summer of socks!


Unknown said...

It looks so comfy! The drape looks lovely.

Nicole said...

Wow, looks great... just like something you'd buy in a store but better!

Anonymous said...

looks lovely!

your neck/clavicle/shoulder/arm line is amazing!

hope to see you soon.
miss you guys!