Friday, July 03, 2009

Sockin' it to ya!

Hey, look at me! Two posts in one week...look out people!

I have blog worthy news here.

My new love for blocking tools. How long have I been knitting? Yeah, and have never owned a pair of sock blockers...well...laying the socks out on a towel or blocking board will just not do anymore. Thank you to Patti for scoring these huge good ole wire sock blockers at the sally anne! Of course with her tiny little feet, she had no use for these...and I figured I could take them for my dad's feet. Turns out they are my size (and my hubby's size!)

Plaid socks

These Hearty Man Plaid Socks have been done for a while, awaiting blocking. They were a little snug, so I had sock blockers in mind. Now look how pretty they are...all neat and tidy and blocked to the perfect size

Plaid socks (2)

Started: April 21, 2009

Finished: May 8, 2009

Pattern: Hearty Man Plaid Socks - Rav it!

Yarn: Lang Jawoll colour aktion ( a blue, grey and tan blend) x1 skein and Regia sock yarn in grey x1 skein.

Adjustments: The pattern is pretty simple. I cast on 72 stitches and didn't put in the seam purl stitch. I left 6 knit stitches inbetween the slip stitches at the back of the leg. I decreased this section down to 4 stitches down the leg, for minor leg shaping. Since the Jawoll came with matching reinforcement thread, I used it for the toe and the heel. In doing this I had to carry the solid grey to the edge of the heel so after turning the heel, it would be at the new start of my rounds for the foot. I also used Cat Bordhi's neat and tidy ssk stitches for the pretty!

I really enjoyed knitting these socks, the color change kept my interest. I will be knitting another pair for myself...and maybe some for the boys!

Another pair of beautifully blocked pair of socks. Minty Escher socks. I did order the knit picks sock blockers in large. If the blockers were any smaller they wouldn't work for me...I just made it! I will say I do like the metal blockers better, but knit picks blockers are better than none:)

Escher socks

Started: May 1, 2009

Finished: June 20, 2009

Pattern: Escher Socks from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn.

Yarn: Tannis superwash sock yarn x1 skein. I love this is my new favourite.

Adjustments: I knit these toe up because I didn't know how big of a sock I would get out of this yarn. I used Cat Bordhi's increases and heel turning techniques. I think these two techniques will be staples for my sock knitting!

Minty Escher socks

With two pair of socks finished...I had to cast on another pair! Diagonal Lace socks by Wendy D. Johnson. This pattern is in her new book (of which I have yet to purchase!) but this pattern is also available for free on her website.

diagonal lace

You may recognize the yarn...I was knitting the Spiraling Masters Coriolis Socks...well...they have been ripped. This lornas laces is much happier in a diagonal lace:)


Trisha said...

Love your socks! The plaid ones are so cool and perfect for a guy. The minty ones are so pretty, love that stitch pattern. I am a sock knitting lover and don't have sock blockers. I think that might need to change real soon since I am just recently learning the benefits of blocking.

Philosophical Karen said...

Beautiful socks. I agree the yarn suits diagonal lace better than coriolis. The diagonal lace just seems to show off the yarn better.

Patti said...

I need to knit those plaid socks! They look awesome. Just discovered that I have some of that Jawol yarn in one of my many 'sock yarn' boxes, so it will be on my to-do list soon.
And sock blockers do make a world of difference!

heavenlyevil said...

I love these socks! My husband has been wanting more 'manly' socks for work since his other 3 pairs are red, blue, and camo. I've never seen a sock pattern for men that works as well as that one does.

Also, I've been coveting sock blockers for a while now but was wondering if they would be worth the expense. I guess you've answered that concern as well. :)

Salihan said...

Wow! Awesome looking socks! You're such a teaser with the diagonal lace socks. They're going to look so lovely. Love the colours on the yarn.

TracyKM said...

Love your socks!
Last year I got something like 8 pairs of wire sock blockers through Freecycle. They were a little too large for me, but I kept one pair and Freecycled the rest. One of these days I'm going to make a pair from wire coat hangers...if I ever find two wire coat hangers, LOL! They do make a big difference!

Nicole said...

Lovely! They look great blocked.

Unknown said...

Your socks are beautiful! Hmmm... you are knitspiring me to finish my socks on my needles!