Friday, February 01, 2008

New projects on the go.

I discovered the destashing group on ravelry.
This is fantastic!
I have Rowan Vintage Knits on the well as Fitted Knits. Two of the books I have been looking for. I actually traded a book that I don't really knit from and and the other trader wanted some yarn. AWESOME!
I can't wait until Vintage Knits arrives....I picked up some Jo Sharp Tweed in 129 enamel for 1/2 price!!!
I am going to knit Demi!
I have admired this knit in blogland...yeah...and yeah...and knew that one day I had to knit it. It will be for ME and it will be THE knit of the year. Seriously it is just a drop dead gorgeous knit...I hope it I am not disappointed...needles, don't fail me now!

I am sweater knitting again!

In the mean time, I have cast on for another pair of picot edged mittens.

This time I have use the 2 st picot (which I like better). I am using some Sundara sport merino....leftovers from this. I really love this yarn. I thought I would try the pattern with a subtle verigation...not bad!


materfamilias said...

I have to chuckle -- not sure if you're talking about Mission Possible on Ravelry, the de-stashing group I've joined, but I love the way your joining of a de-stashing group has you excited about NEW yarns, books, and projects coming your way! Isn't it perhaps supposed to work the other way? (I do note that you traded away a book and some yarn, but still, your emphasis does seem to be that of a truly addicted knitter's -- it's on acquisition!)

Denise said...

That looks a lovely sweater, can't wait to see it on your needles (and off!) I envy those with a big stash, but I can't seem to make myself buy yarn unless I already have a project in mind for it - maybe that's not a bad thing!