Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Will it get cold enough for hats?

OH the weather out side is frightful....Not really.

It's 60 degrees here today...hardly what I would consider a winter day.
Where are the below freezing temps?
Where is the snow?
Where is the wool wearing weather?????

With that, let me show you a couple of completed hats...

Started: Nov 4, 2006
Finished: Nov 22, 2006
Pattern: We call them pirates hat
Yarn: Patons Classic merino in red and black.
Needles: I think US#6...I don't remember now.
Adjustments: None. It is a little big....but I like it that way...hopefully my nephew will too!

Started: Nov 26, 2006
Finished: Nov 28, 2006
Pattern: Ribbed helmet from Behive's Winter Headwear (see post below)
Yarn: Diamond Tempo. Green (with flecks of blue in it) and requested.
It's only 25% wool but it is machine washable and dryable. This is necessary for this household...I have seen my knits felted.
I have used this yarn's not my favourite yarn, but it is a good washable one.
Needles: US#4 and US#5
Adjustments: I ended up knitting the child size and then after trying it on my son, I added a little length to the head.

Two more done...

...but the fire is so delightful...since we've no place to go...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the second hat in action :)

Elinor said...

Oooh, those look so warm. I'm sitting at home in the middle of an ice storm so *I* could use the wooly warmth! Winter will catch up with you, don't worry! ;-)

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

We have your cold and snow. Everything is closed down here, as we have blowing snow, cold temps and for us in November on the rainy West Coast, this is unreal. Even the ferries are tied up at the docks the last I heard. A good day for knitting and wearing wool. I just came in from trying to rescue some of my shrubs - weighted down with heavy snow.
BUTTTTTTTTTT - tomorrow it is scheduled to go up to 11 C and we will get good old rain!
Now on to some more knitting.

Mag said...

Great Hats! It's 60F in Canada and brrrrr! freezing (28F tonight, and 40F right now) in Las Vegas! What is the world coming to? I'm gonna need that balaclava if this keeps up. I"m cold!

Anonymous said...

That pirate hat is awesome. The second hat, well, the second hat scares me a little...

Sheryl said...

I have the makings for the pirate hat - I love yours. As for the snow/freezing temps/winter weather? It is here in Western Wa. Forecast is for more snow then freezing rain on top of that. Good Lord!

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you, where is the snow?? Although im in another part of the world, i live i n sweden, i miss it just the same. We usually have tons of snow over here this time of the year but this year? no, nada! i like your blog:) /Sandra

LisaB said...

Just showed the pirate hat to my husband and I think I will be making one really soon! Thanks for the link.

I have had to break out all the wool garmets here lately - it has been in the 30's.

soapy said...

Ohhh I need to have a copy of this pattern! Ohh pretty please! I posted eairler this morning that I've been despartly searching for this type of pattern!

Anonymous said...

They look warm alright,and nice too..The green one, was a bit funny *giggle* Just found your blog,and I'll be back. Have a nice advent :o)