Monday, May 15, 2006

Guess what...

I finished my shawl! It is dreamy...hopefully I can get some great photos tomorrow with the expected partially sunny forecast.
I was really going to slowly work on this over the summer...but I have other things to knit!

With this dreary weather that we have been having, I was forced to use the flash...boy does it bounce off this yarn! Atleast now you can see the beads.

I did buy yarn for the tank in Knitting Nature...I was unsure of the colour I chose, but felt that I should do something different. Ah, no. I will return it tomorrow for a more subdued colour....they had a nice green that I should have got in the first place. I have issues with colour.

I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day! My hubby (well the boys) did come through for me. Bea is on her way, hopefully as we speak! I have so much to knit over the summer!

I am still working on the blog, slowly. Please help with pictures again. I know my pictures are way too big. Is is the pixels...bytes...what is it I want to change? And what is a reasonable size without loosing detail?


Silvia said...

I'm a totally novice blogger, so I'm of no technical help. However, I think your pictures look great- I love the big ones. You can actually see how great your work is!

quenna said...

I'm new to blogger, but I know when you load them up you can choose a smaller size. If people want a closer look they can just click on it. Also, when editing your pic with your photo program (either via your printer or camera), you can change the pixels (try 700 or 800, regular photos are around 1600 by 1200) -- that will help with the loading. Email if you need any more help -- but I just know a little more!

Now I have a question! How did you widen the parameters of your blog? Was it through the template?

Nice shawl -- something I would like to try one day.

Jane said...

Before you upload the photos, make sure that they are no more than 300 pixels on the longest side. When you save them as .jpgs, make sure to use no more than the highest "medium" or lowest "high" compression setting. If you are using Photoshop or PS Elements, that would be 7 or 8.

amy said...

If you'd like the photos smaller, the length/width of the pictures in pixels is the appropriate thing to change. As others have mentioned, you can do this with your photo editing software or perhaps with blogger's upload tool (which I've never used).

However, I'd like to cast another vote for leaving them as they are. I think they look fine in your format, and I enjoy seeing the detail without having to click for a larger version. Hope this helps!