Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oh...and I was just looking for something to knit!

I know. You've seen it. The Spring Interweave Knits preview.
Look out.

Hello gorgeous! Made from pattons classic wool! I am going to buy the yarn today!

Beautiful. I am not sure about the practicality of the front. Wouldn't that flap open...but I love it!

Yes, so gorgeous. I can't see the front...I am really hoping for a v looks to be so. LOVE IT!

Loving this as well. Made from Lion Brand! Love the cables.
Oh, and I have to make this. I think I have the perfect tweed for it!
This is also may weight a ton!

Anyway, back to the knitting at hand....wouldn't this make a gorgeous sleeve to a sweater?

34 sts in 4" would just take forever to knit! But, it is not a sleeve, it is a sock. Here is the interesting heel flap and turned heel. Not very durable...but lovely I think.

A couple of questions were asked from my wonderful readers. The needles I always use, for practically everything I knit are addi turbos. I knit very tightly and I get too much of a grab on bamboo needles, so addi turbos are perfect for me. I do hate their blunt tip though. Especially in this pattern trying to knit into the back of the second stitch...almost impossible with these suckers.
Also, how do I like the Regia silk? So far, it is beautiful yarn. Soft, elastic, warm. How durable will it be, not sure. I am sure it will pill, but look at how wonderfully it knits up!


msubulldog said...

Wow--I'm all over that Sunrise Circle jacket! Looks like your knitting list gets longer every day! But with your knitting speed, I'm sure you'll plow through it in no time. :)

Stephanie said...

Beautiful socks and I love the heel. The new Interweave looks great - it only I had the time for more projects!

Heather said...

My essential stripe was knit with pattons classic. It was nice to work with, especially for the price!

christine said...

OOh, Carolyn, thanks for the "heads up" to the new Interweave Knits....I see a few Olympic knitting team possibilities.........(Lion brand?)

Areli said...

I really like the IK Spring preview, too. The aran rose is so cute, I look forward to seeing you knit it.

Purly Whites said...

Those socks are looking gorgeous. How are you liking knitting socks top down? Also, do you usually go with US size 2 (3mm) or 1 (2.5mm) addis? I always get myself in a bit of tizzy as I can't decide to go a little bigger or a little smaller than the usual US size 1 (2.75mm) I never knew that .25mm difference would bother me so much.

diana said...

Thanks for the preview. I love the tunic!

And, as always, the socks are fab!

jacqueline said...

i am also quite besotted with that caftan. i can just see it in black with a green, orange or bright blue tank top underneath.

very cute!