Saturday, October 08, 2005

Weekend Reno's

Things have slowed down in the I will show you the upstairs.
Here is the Diningroom the day we bought it. Three years ago...

Wood panelled walls...a very strange texture. The floors where sun damaged and yellow. The aweful oil paint everywhere had yellowed as well.
Here it is today:

We had the hardwood refinished in a darker stain. The walls I decided to paint and it looks like wallpaper! My hubby does trim for a he retrimed, hung doors, and put up some cove molding. We actually took out the door and just did a cased molding into the kitchen (that is the door in the before photo you see) I made some lovely faux suede curtains....voila!

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! When we purchased our current home there was dark panelling half-way up (sort of wainscoating) through out the downstairs, minus one room. It made the place look cave-like and gloomy. We have painted out most of the rooms (except the kitchen which we are hoping to do a reno on-we have appliances.....) and it helped so much. Now the exterior doors, shutters and trims are being painted blue (from green). Always something! I would like to just live here and hang out, maybe someday.

Hooray! I finally get to comment to a post!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tracy Batchelder said...

A beautiful transformation.

jill said...

Thank you for sharing your Weekend Renos with us. As a terminal renter stuck in a 90% paneled (dark) home with the landlord's blessing to paint, this post was the inspiration I needed to get things started. It's truly inviting and beautiful!