Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What is this rowan crap?

Ok, I loved the idea of joining the rowan club. I got some "cork"... a yarn they are discontinuing, for a gift with some crazy poncho pattern. I will use the yarn, but don't you think sending knitters a new yarn would be a better plan? Maybe we would like the yarn and order some instead of wishing we could get more of that discontinued yarn. You also get a couple magazine throughout the year with your membership and access to some old patterns of theirs on the web.
I just got the Rowan#38.
What is this suppose to be?
Grunge knitting or something.
Help me out here.

Really, I don't think I will make any of this.
Pandora is a maybe.
Spencer...I guess I could make the gloves.
Abigail Scarf...I love, but this involves some crocheting. I don't think so, maybe in the new year.
That is all that I would even consider making. I hope #39 produces something more practical.
I don't think I will be joining the Rowan club again.

Oh, Ene's is complete. Can I just say, that it is fabulous! This may be my favourite knit item so far. I am not a shawl person, but as a scarf...and little flip and wrap....I love it! I am just waiting for the ends to block. (it wouldn't all fit on the blocking board!) Pictures will be posted today!


Anonymous said...

Yah, I can't wait to see Ene. I waiting for others to do it before I take the plunge.

Good for you on doing it so far. Wow!


Lesley said...

I completely agree about Rowan. I subscribed earlier this year and there was only one thing in 37 that I wanted to knit and NOTHING in 38 that I want to knit. No way am I renewing. Pity. I'm not sure who Rowan is trying to appeal to. I'm a young'un and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything in 38.