Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ugly Sock Knit A Long

Are you joining? It seems that I am partaking in my own ugly sock KAL. Check these out...

Check out the lovely...*cough*...colourway. I ripped out the day before's attempts, used smaller needles...and at least it looks a little better.
Notice the beautiful tubular cast on...oooohhhhh yyyeeeeaahhhh...
Here is submission #2 to the ugly sock KAL

I used bigger needles and some zara yarn from stash. Much nicer in a soft merino wool...but...way too thick...more like a 2x4...really. Do notice the lovely cable down the side....done without a cable needle....ooooohhhhhh.....yyyyyeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh. Thank you Kathy.
Not sure what I do once I get to the heel using one long circular needle...I will cross that bridge....if I get to it!

1 comment:

grumperina said...

I'm not a fan of self-patterning yarns, so I won't comment on the first sock other than to say the tubular cast-on is lovely!

I like the second sock, with the cables down the side. Light yarn is the best for showing off cables. The stitches look nice and even, and I bet it's a good house sock because it's a bit thicker :).