Friday, May 06, 2005


Lately I have been tempted by all the fabulous knit bloggers socks out there. I've made two needle baby socks, and two needle to four needle childrens socks...and once attempted Debbie Bliss cabled socks from her "Simple Living" book (didn't really like the look on my ankle...could have been the yarn...and I had a ladder problem that needed to be solved).
So last night I sat infront of my computer and searched around. I must say I love Grumperina's "pretty comfty sock" but I can't attempt that first. How about Diana's "Stripey Sock" those...and look pretty simple. She also uses a tubular cast on...this I had to learn. I found a site with good instructions and made some attempts. It's not that difficult and it produces a beautiful and stretchy edge.
Next, how to fix all of those ladders. Well, I decided to look into knitting socks on a circular needle. Found this site very helpful. Here you can learn about knitting them on one or two circulars. I fancy one I tried it out with some scrap yarn. Not to bad! Now I just have to watch ladders in two spots...what about getting the tubular cast on onto one circular? Hmmmmm, later. Here are some attempts at my socks and techniques...

It was really difficult to choose the yarn...I am not a fan of coloured and thin is what I wear...unless its sandles or runners! But, I did want to find some fun colourway. I couldn't find the regia stripes at my LYS so I settled for the ugly pattern you see. Whatever, these are learning socks! I also go some really nice regia silk grey...ohhhhh exciting, feminine grey! Ok, I will do some sort of a feminine pattern with it...just'll like them...I promise... she is in Knit Picks Shine (love this yarn)...before crochet...oh man...crocheting the neck and arm holes.

I must say...I made it longer...and could have gone even longer! Also, it is extremely low would say "aren't you wearing a dickie with that?". A dickie...whatever. Anyway, not sure how much wear this will get! We'll see once it is completed and blocked.
What do you do for shoulder seams? I usually fake graft the cast offs together. I experimented with actual grafting the stitches together and the three needle bind off.

I went with the actual grafting this time. I solemnly swear that my next major project will fit beautifully and I will love wearing it...without a dickie!


grumperina said...

I've said it before: you are a woman of action! Look at all this stuff you're finishing and starting! The Soleil looks gorgeous, by the way. I have a friend and she's an avid sock knitter. However, she has a strong inability to buy solid-colored sock yarn. She makes gorgeous socks with very intricate patterns, but they are all hidden by the stripes and the faux Fair Isle and other color variations. So, my recommendation is that if you have non-solid colored yarn, do a very, very simple sock. Attempt patterns, like my Pretty Comfy Socks, only if you have solid-colored yarn or pretty darn close.

shizzknits said...

Lovely Soleil! I want to make one out of the Knitpicks Shine as well; yours is a great inspiration.

BTW I love making socks too, but tried the 2circ method and just hated having to slide all the stitches around. Went back to DPNs and like that a lot more. Have you tried knitting into the back of the 1st st on each needle to help eliminate ladders?

goodkarma said...

I've been wondering about that V-neck on Soleil, too. If I make it, I would have to make the neckline much shallower because I'm short there. I hope you'll model it for us anyway, with a "dickey" underneath! :)

I'm in the same boat with socks that you are. I haven't tried socks on circs yet and would like to. But in the meantime, dpns work okay for me.

Anna said...

Oh my goodness, I love this sweater--the colour's amazing! Well done! I just got an order of Shine today, and I think you've made me want to use it. I've been hating cotton lately, and after seeing your progress on this sweater, I feel that everything's going to be ok.

Dropstitchknitter said...

I think you're socks are very nice!! And Soleil is beautiful! I wore mine yesterday and yes, it is a little low cut, but I'm living on the edge and showing some cleavage!