Sunday, May 08, 2005

Here it is...The Ugly Sock

Ok, keep in mind this is a learning has been through alot...and in the end is forced on to my big flat size 10's! (no wonder I haven't made socks!)
Loving the single circular needle took a little learning where to put what on the circ...a couple markers...and we were good to go.

The stitches are really tight at the heel, I guess that is how it is ought to be...but hopefully I will loosen up a bit with work.
Here is the final...single sock...hoping to get a mate...

Yes, it does look long...well I didn't want it all the way up the leg, so that part is shorter than normal...and I am a size 10...yeah...10.
It will get a mate...and maybe one day...I will wear in public!


goodkarma said...

Big footed knitters unite! I wear size 10, too! :)

Congrats on finishing the first ugly sock. (It's not that ugly!!) I need to learn to do socks on circs, too.

grumperina said...

Look at that pretty sock! Now go ahead and impress non-knitters with your fabulous multi-color knitting abilities... those folks can't tell the difference :).

Jane said...

Oh, not ugly at all. I really like it. Isn't that self-striping yarn the best!