Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More socks...

So as I wear my one finished sock...very comfortable I might add, I figured out that I screwed up the heel. I thought the stitches were a little tight...well, on the purl row I slipped, purl, slipped, purl all the way across. Don't ask...I'll just have to make the mate the same. A lesson learned.
I started to look at different sock patterns. Interweave Knits online has some nice patterns to choose from. I tried out the diagonal rib. I like it, but not for me in this colour. I just decided to do a plain sock with a cable down the side, for more practice. And perhaps I will turn the heel correctly on this one!

I really love learning new knitting techniques, thanks to all of your informative blogs and information found on the net. For sock making I have learn:
  1. How to work on one long circular needle.
  2. How to make a tubular cast on.
  3. How to cable without a cable needle.

What knitting techniques have you learned lately?

Now, what major project to work on next? I just don't know. I have 10 balls of rowan calmer in drift...cream colour...calling my name. Did you see knitin chicks Mariah in calmer? Love it! But I don't have enough, and I would do it in a colour other than cream! So I am thinking about the "Loll" cardigan from the "Calmer Collection" book.

I love the look of the fringe on it. Maybe I will swatch for it today. Other than that...being sleep deprived from sick toddlers...yet again...I am going for another coffee...and taking it one step at a time today!

Happy Birthday Kurtis...my little (6 foot) nephew is 15 today!


goodkarma said...

Oooooh, I like your new socks. I love the color, even though it's not as exciting as some of them out there, it's a color I would actually wear often. And the stitch patterns you've chosen look great.

Loll is pretty... I think you should go for it!

Tara said...

I think that design for Loll is beautiful. And I am digging the color of your socks!