Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cotton Craze

Ok, I have to admit, I am starting to like cotton. I know, I know, it is not as nice to knit with than lets say merino, but as I try different brands and blends I am strangely drawn to it. It must be the season, or the fact that my body temp seems to be higher than most people...I hate to be hot. Here is a little cascade "Cotton Rich" I ordered (only because my MIL wanted some acrylic...oh man, I never thought I would type that word in my blog...yeah, acrylic for her to crochet...oh man, another one of those words...Crochet her afghans. I am on a yarn diet you know...I am...really.)
It is purple with blue specks in it...interesting looking. I have 10x 80yrd skeins...not sure what to do with it.
I never know how much yarn to get when "enhancing" my stash. A couple try it? What would you do with that? A bag of skeins...not really enough for a sweater. How much do you get if you don't really have a project in mind, but an interested in the yarn?
Here is my progress on "Soleil"...a little bored with it but having divided for the fronts and the back, at least I can purl now! I did a little extra side shaping...we'll see if that comes back to haunt me or not.
"Hazel" is in my knitting bag. I can't finish it until my MIL tries it much as I want to get it done. I did and arm hole and seamed that side...I just don't know...only an official try on will tell. Then I will knit and block like crazy to finish it while we visit the inlaws this weekend. Hopefully there will be no ripping.


grumperina said...

Acrylic, crochet... yikes! Those words don't belong on your blog! Your yarn looks quite nice, though :). And welcome to the "I desperately want to purl club" :).

Tara said...

Soleil is looking great. That color is going to look fab on you! I like the new yarn too. Do you have enough for a tank?

goodkarma said...

The colors in that purple/blue yarn are really gorgeous. And I'm in love with your Soleil, too. :)

Nana Sadie said...

Love the purple blue...and oh wow, you're knitting is just gorgeous!

Dropstitchknitter said...

Wow!! Love your Soleil - can't wait to see it finished!! I loved knitting mine and want to make another - I had no idea there was a KAL for it, so now I have to knit another!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

JenniferB said...

If you haven't used this cascade cotton rich yet, and don't plan to, I'll take it off your hands! I was just googling for some and found your post. love the color.