Monday, April 25, 2005

"Lucky" has sleeves!

After seeing Winnie's completed "Lucky", I knit furiously to complete the sleeves. I wasn't sure (because of my fat arm problem) if I would have enough to make full sleeves, and I do love 3/4 sleeves, so I adjusted the pattern for 3/4 sleeves. It turns out, although I haven't completed the ties, I would have had enough yarn.
So here they blocking as I watch, waiting...I must sew these tonight!
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My lovely children, who have not had naps today....will go to bed early, so I will try to get the ties done or atleat some seaming...but do go look at is beautiful!


winnie said...

Dear dear Carolyn

Thank you for such lovely comments and for linking to my site. To answer your question, the neck band begins from the decreasing edge of the front piece (the piece that you are folding in) and extend all the way to the other front piece (leaving 18" dangling for tie) right before the decreases. I look forward to your Lucky that goes without saying that I'll be stalking your blog :D

goodkarma said...

I have Lucky envy. Mine is moving along at a snail's pace and you're nearly done! How cool are you? I can't wait to hear about the final finishing steps and then see how gorgeous this little number will be on you.