Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Knit Picks Cotton

Oh yeah...don't you just love a new yarn. My lovely hubby brought it home today so, of course, I had to drop everything and swatch this yarn. This is the softest cotton I have ever bought. Very soft...a little shine to it (hence the name) but not too much shine. The yarn is strong...did I say soft...and the colour is deep. I must say that the colour on line did not match the colour I got. It could be my moniter (but I don't think so). The "orchid" looked more purple on line...and it is definitely a deep rose, not quite fushia...I still like it. I also picked up some cream.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My picture still looks fushia, but it is not that bright...I lack photo skills as seen in the many colours of "Lucky" below...or could I be making 6 different colours of "Lucky"...maybe....
I knit tight. The yarn calls for #3-#5 needles 6sts in an inch...I had to use #6. The stitches slid beautifully on my addis, not a split, nothing. I switched to #7 bamboo to get gauge for another project. I rather it on addis...I did split once with the bamboo. I haven't washed, blocked, or wore yet...but at first glance...I am loving this yarn.


Heather Z said...

oooh..I didn't even know that knitpicks came out with a cotton! I'm so excited..ok not so excited since I can't buy yarn for a while but a little excited! :)

BTW..your LUCKY looks AWESOME!!!!!

H :)


grumperina said...

Thank you for that mini-review! I was concerned about the fuzzy swatches but saying "soft" enough times convinces me it's a worthwhile purchase, especially since I recently realized I'm very low in the stash department (as if!). I will buy some as soon as I figure out how much I might need for a little something I have planned :).

goodkarma said...

OOoh thanks for the review. I love that orchid color. Soo pretty. I can't wait to find something to make out of this.:)

Lauren said...

That yarn has a beautiful texture--thanks for the review! I definitely need more yarn :P

Mo said...

Thank you for sharing about the knitpicks cotton. I've been eyeing it for a project and it sounds like it might work!