Thursday, February 09, 2006

Local Knitter goes for gold.

Ever since the day she picked up a pair of knitting needles, Carolyn knew she was destined for the Olympics. A local favourite, she has taken on quite a project for Torino.
There are controversial rumors that she too has denied carrying the Canadian flag in the opening ceremonies...not only would it crap her hands, that is the official cast on time. Understandable.

Has she prepared for the event? Yes is the evidence:

The swatches look seems she does need some more work on her reverse gull to even out the stitches. I hope she can pull this off.

The equipment she will be using is not what one would think she would use. Will this throw her game off?

Are those bamboo needles? What about addis? Where was the sponsorship to ensure she had the correct equipment? Well, there may be an advantage to bamboos. The needles are quite large at US 10 1/2, so the bamboos will give more of a grab to keep her balance. No wonky stitches here.
She may not have the speed that others knitters will have using addi turbos, but the stitches will be lovely.

Are the rumors true that she will be competing in multiple events? She was seen eyeing the Odessa maybe true.


Anonymous said...

You're so prepared! And that DB colorway is lovely.

Jacqui said...

You go sister! lol "Team Windsor", although you may be a team of 1. I'm not participating; too many other things on the go.

I see you have a proper blocking board there. Can I ask where you got it? I've looked in Michaels and Pratt's with no luck.

Elemmaciltur said...

hehehe, are we getting hyped up for tomorrow??? No parties tonight, lest we be to drunk to cast on!

Knittypants said...

I love this post, so funny. The DB merino looks just lovely, must be very nice to knit.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You are so going to win gold. Twice.

jr said...

i LOVE bamboo needles - Clover from Japan are my favorite.

looking good!

Anna said...

(grin)--well put! I'm rooting for you!