Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Let's talk about sox baby!

Ok, they're not blocked...but I just can't wait any longer.
The Canal Du Midi Socks

Started: January 16, 2006
Finished: February 7, 2006
Yarn: Regia Silk in pale blue
Pattern: Canal du Midi socks from Nancy Bush's "Knitting on the Road".
Adjustments: The pattern makes a very stretchy sock...similar to the "Go With The Flow" socks. I had to shorten the toe once I tried one on. I took out the 1/2 of plain st st and just started the decreasing.

Here is the heel. Although it won't be nearly as durable as other heels I have knit, it's simplicity compliments the heavy pattern of the sock.

The toe is also very interesting. I love the shape it makes. Not too pointy, but fits the toes just right!

I enjoyed knitting this pattern cuff down...it seems like it had been so long. You certainly have more choice in heel and toe patterns from cuff down.

Once shortened, it does fit snuggly on my foot. It should fit Mom's foot perfectly. She likes her socks loose.

Happy Birthday Mom! They'll be here when you return from Florida!

Speaking of socks...I have also joined the many knitters of sockapalOOOza. I am really excited about this round. REALLY. THAT'S ALL I CAN WITHOUT SPOILING THE SURPRIZE;)


Anonymous said...

These are some awesome socks! I love them.

Glad you are back from Disneyland and I hope you had a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

And what about the silk? Do you like the way it fits and feels? The socks are fabulous, and if you're my pal, ones like that would be just perfect, hehehe :) :).

Anonymous said...

Those socks look awesome! How are they warmth wise? I've come to the realization that 100% wool socks won't be a good thing come spring/summertime but I don't want to give up handknit socks either.

Anonymous said...

Those socks look awesome! How are they in terms of warmth? I've just come to the realization that 100% wool socks won't be a good thing come spring/summer, but I don't want to give up wearing handknit socks.

goodkarma said...

Thanks for sharing these socks; I don't think I've seen a finished pair of Canal Du Midis yet. They're great! I'm curious about the silk, too. Tell us more!

Elemmaciltur said...

Those socks are fab! One day...one day I'll knit something like that!

Tracy Batchelder said...

Nice socks! Really, I think the only good reason for blocking socks is for photographing and gift giving, because they always stretch to shape when on your foot. You mom will love her birthday gift.

Anonymous said...

they're so beautiful! down w/ boring socks! :D

Acornbud said...

What a lucky lady your mom is! Those socks look terrific.

Mrs. H said...

Oooh, baby! I love when you talk about sox! (wink) Welcome back and thanks for sharing your new pair of soxy sox. They're fab!

Do you have "Handknit Holidays"? I want to do those amazing over-the-knee stockings but I don't really want to use the recommended yarn. Do you think the yarn you used for these socks would work for that pattern? I love the idea of something with silk in it but I worry about elasticity. You said that yarn makes a stretchy sock... whatcha think?

Laura said...

Those are just beautiful! I joined this round of Sockapaloooza too, and I am really excited. This might be a nice pattern for knitting for someone else, since it is a stretchy one.

AquinER said...

What a pretty pair of socks!
I need to get my hands on that N.B. book. Are all the 18 patterns that great? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Love your socks! (and the black and the white shawls) Love everything! GRIN.... I think your socks are prettier than the ones in the pattern book. I was contemplating that pattern before. NOW it definately goes on the list to do!