Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm getting tired of knitting hats.

They are quick knits, and great gifts....but one can only knit so many before losing interest.
Here is yet another...probably my last...candy cane stripe hat from Handknit Holidays.

Info on this hat is the same as here.
Another Christmas gift done!

Remember this. Well, I finally got started and here I am...

There has been lots of swatching, trying out increases...and ripping, can't forget the ripping and reknitting. But, so far I like it. I did make it plain as he had asked for. I figured I need a basic design before I start adding cables and such.
I love that it is knit top makes so much more sense than knitting flaps and attaching them to the main hat, as many patterns do. I am also using the fabulous Annie Modesitt's slip stitch selvedge she uses in her backyard leaves scarf. It is brilliant.

Tom also wanted it tight fitting, and I have done that...but the flaps kind of stick out a little because they are not fitted like the hat part. I hope blocking will cure some of that.

I do need to do a couple more hats, but I just can't bring myself to cast on for them. Enough hats.

So that brings me to Lucca's sweater. Well, nothing is really jumping out at me...and I bought that Hand Work Cora for it. I have come up with another idea. You see, this guy is the man of the hour around to incorporate Diego and Hand Work will see, I hope;)

Safe Travelling on your Holiday Weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!


Laura said...

These look great! I kind of got burnt out on hats too. And then Greg asked for one with snowflakes, just like the ones I made for the boys. So eventually I am going to have to make another of the SAME HAT. Snooze.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

My first "knitting" Christmas, all I made were hats. I know your pain.

Tracy Batchelder said...

Somehow I never get tired of hats...easily amused I guess. Love yours, especially the one for Tom. It looks just like his drawing. I think he'll like it.

Anonymous said...

All those hats are just wonderful! But it's definitely time to take a breather.