Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Warning...sock knitting may be addictive.

It is true. Knitting socks is addictive. There is so much knitting and knowledge that goes into this little sock, how can you resist? So I cast on for the "Cable Rib Socks" from IK Spring 2005. Here she is..

Yes, that is a candle holder...I thought it worked! The yarn looks a little purple in the photo...it's actually a shade of red.

Please offer me some sock knitting knowledge...please. I have joined the infamous sockapal2za, and I don't want my sock pal to receive anything close to the "ugly socks". I usually use the internet as my knitting resource...but what is your favourite sock knitting book? Favourite heel? Cast on? How do I reinforce any of it? Help, help, help. Any tidbit of sock knowledge will ensure some beautiful socks for my pal!

And now...some crazy sock yarn from Knitpicks. I also ordered the "Shine" colour chart as well...glad I did, the colours are much better that what they appear on line...love that pink!


Tracy Batchelder said...

Your sock looks great! By the way, that's the most creative sock picture I've ever seen. At first, I thought it was a glass of milk.

Anonymous said...

YES, here it is the money making idea! Knitted candle holders. You go girl! How much for the red one?
I hear one of your Aunts (I won't name, names) is switching to hooking. Looks like your losing a knitting night member. Be careful she may try to get YOU to join her team, and their Happy Hookers Night.
Big Sister Catherine

Anonymous said...

you have got to try the after thought heel it is great and no little hole. I belong to the sock of the month club so I know how addicting it can be (lol)

Anonymous said...

so true - sock knitting is completely addictive. I think its because they are hard to mess up. Its rare to hear about gauge being off or completely wrong-sized socks. They just work! and so comfy!

I love the sock knitting pattern from Ann Budd's Knitters Book of Handy Patterns - because it comes in so many sizes. Elann has heel/toe reinforcement thread, but regular sewing thread works too. I just hold it together with the yarn while knitting those areas.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was a glass of milk! These are looking quite lovely, I love a solid-colored sock.

Tips, etc... regular long-tail cast-on works well, if you work a patterned sock (cables, lace) it's easier to make them identical because you just count the number of pattern repeats, be careful with reinforcement thread, sometimes it makes the sock stiff, Folk Socks has a comprehensive library of heels and toes, Twisted Sisters has a nice recipe for socks based on foot dimensions, e-mail me if you need more!!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Not that I have a huge knowledge of knitting socks, but I've found the Twisted Sister sock book (also about spinning and dying) to be extremely helpful. All the other resources (Knitty, Nancy Bush's books, the web) had bits and pieces that were helpful, but this coalesced everything for me.

Love the Knit Picks yarn!!

Tara said...

I love that yarn from Knitpicks! Great colors! And I like your clever little sock model too. :)