Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mini knitting

You know when I saw these little snowman on ravelry I just had to knit them!
I am a sucker for little knitting. I've been know to indulge in the tiny needles, a few scraps of yarn and some stuffing.
Come on! These little guys are perfect little gift adornments!

snowman gift adornment

Pattern: Mochimochi snowmen
Yarn: My never ending supply of elann devon. I am so glad I bought a bunch of colours way back when!
Adjustments: Well, the first one I knit as written. I even took out the double pointed needles! I am a magic looper...but I decided to have a go at it. I knit number one just fine...but quickly left the dpns for some magic.
I decided to use judy's magic cast on...with the magic magical.

snowman pair

A few tips after knitting...well...8 far:

Knit the cast on tail in as you go. This saves weaving in one end. When you weave in your other end...lock it in place with a few stitches then send it through the snowman to the other end. Clip it close to the snowman's body and then give him a squeeze to send the end inside.

When starting the black embroidery...and I am not an embroiderer...I started at the bottom of the snowman and went inside and up into where the first eye will go. I used one longer strand of yarn to do both eyes and the arms/hands. Then I went from the last stitch...through the inside and out the neck area and clipped as I did the end from the body.

The last two snowmen's scarves had neatened up edges. (you will see when comparing the two photos above) I slipped the first stitch of each row. This made a tightly knit scarf with neat sides. I never measured any of the scarves. I simply wrapped it around my thumb to decide on the length. Again, knit the cast on tail in as you go. The cast off tail is used to sew the scarf to the snowman. I pretty much did it as written...just use a sharp needle. Putting a dull seaming needle through your snowmans neck is near impossible...and just cruel.

Lastly, be careful who is present when you knit these guys...they start lining up and picking scarf colours:)


Misty said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm planning to give these a go soon and I'll take all the help I can get. Yours look charming!

Jennifer said...

These are so adorable. My friend just made them and I couldn't believe how teeny they were. How many will you make? Have fun!

ivete said...

Seeing these snowmen on people's blogs is really making me want to make some of my own! Love the picture with the two of them leaning on each other, so cute!

Catherine said...

These little snowmen are so cute, I shall have to bookmark them for next year. We have met on blip and Ravelry but I have a blog too now.

Happy New Year