Saturday, December 11, 2010

The end is near....

I have finished up the last two squares of my great american afghan. One has yet to be blocked and sewn in but I decided to start the edging. After a couple attempts, I chose a simple garter stitch triangular one. This looks just perfect with the garter stitch frames of the squares. I can also knit it on as I go, no more seaming!

gaaa edging

I figure if I do 8 triangles a day, I will be in good shape for christmas!

gaaa edging II

Gone are the days of knitting a dozen hats and a couple sweater vests for gifts. I'm aiming for this afghan and a hat. So sad.

The tree is up...but I am still in my pj's. It's a lazy saturday. I need to go get dressed and pick up my christmas photos for the cards that should be sent out on monday...

Roman christmas 4months

My little king is almost 4 months!

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Rasa said...

The afghan is beautiful (and even's done!)! Your "king" is quite handsome!