Thursday, October 21, 2010

Be very quiet...

I think the silence is the problem. Roman is so used to the noise of the boys, he has a hard time getting to sleep without it! He is finally napping and for some reason the computer is cooperating...which means there is time for a little blogging!
I figured out the reason for so much silence on this blog. Yes, the new baby takes up a lot of time but this computer is the main reason. I can no longer just load up some pictures to the computer, then to flicker, then to ravelry and enter in the details, hop over to blogger and load them up there then write a little about This computer can not handle anything over and above starting up. Seriously it has had it.
I could start it up and try to get the photos loaded which may now take 20 that time I am on to other things and blogging is put on the back burner to when I have more time...which is never.
I have learned a little about HP computers from a tech friend. They are at the bottom of the list for good performing computers. They last about a year (this one is about 4 years old?) and it doesn't matter if you delete programs or photos or whatever to clear up some space, this won't help. I guess once you load things on to computers they eat up that space. So, all this being said...I have ordered a new laptop.
You will still find me on the ipad surfing away and reading blogs...mostly playing Words With Friends. As soon as the new computer arrives, you will hopefully see an incease in blogging...if not I will throw this whole theary out the window. (speaking of window...I guess windows 7 is pretty good...and the vista that I currently have sucks.)

Ok, enough computer talk, lets get to knitting. Get ready because the computer is behaving so this will be a big update!

Off the needles...

I have finally finished my feb lady sweater!

feb lady

The photo is horrible...I want to take another one, but lets be realistic, there is no time for that! The shirt underneath is all bunched up...I love how the wind has caught the bottom front of the sweater...but that is about it!
Ok, here are the specs:
Started: January 17, 2010
Finished: September 21, 2010
Yarn: Cascade 220 colour 9465 7 skeins...i don't think I used much of the 7th skein...I was pregnant and don't remember!
Pattern: February Lady Sweater
Adjustments: I made the 41" size, which is still large. I was hoping to copy Lise and make more of a sweater coat than a sweater. I really struggled with when to stop knitting for my arms. I have large arms and I wanted room to wear clothing underneath it...but the arm holes are too big. I knew this as I was knitting away, but evidently didn't care enough to rip it back. It is not that bad, but you can see how it bunches under the arm.
I just kept knitting until it was "long enough" I love the length of it...perfect for the sweater coat look. I did the same thing for the arms. No tapering of the sleeves, just knit until I liked the length.
I blocked it out on my board and then when it was just about dry I hung it on a suit hanger. This helped with the shaping of the shoulders and how the yarn draped.
I am not a fan of this neckline on me, but I knit it anyway...hopefully I will wear it! If not it could be gifted to a sister...time will tell.
I love the colour of this yarn. It is a black/brown colour with almost a gray flec in it...gorgeous. I keep thinking it would make the perfect afghan for my livingroom...

feb afghan

Maybe, one day.

Next up are some socks. I finally finished dad's birthday socks! His birthday was in July...

dads socks blue cuff

Started: July 25, 2010
Finished: October 6, 2010
Yarn: lang jawool silk in a black gray, with a cuff in regia silk blue.
Pattern: My own...just a simple ribbing with a cable on the edges.
I knit these toe up so I use up all the yarn...which wasn't enough so I added some regia silk in blue that I had kicking around for the cuff. You know, instead of gold toe socks these are blue cuff socks...the next latest rage...

Next up is a little hat for Roman. I've had this one in my favourites for a while...and I needed a little travel project after the socks where done.

Romans hat

Started: October 17, 2010
Finished: October 12, 2010
Yarn: Left overs of Elann Devon in navy and green.
Pattern: Sweet Baby Cap
Adjustments: None, it knits up quickly and beautifully! I will definitely be making more of these...once he learns to love wearing them:) Babies don't like to sit still for photos...we tried. I knit the smallest size, but it is still a little big, which just means he will be able to wear it longer!

Well, he is awake...I tried to put in the choochie (oh someone had asked what this word for soother)...but when I got up I stepped on a toy that started to play music...times up! Hopefully this week I will get to what's "on the needles"!!


Brendaknits said...

Your baby is a cutie. And so is his little hat. I have not made a FLS - because I fear that neck on me too. And all that garter stitch - reminds me of chain mail armour.

TracyKM said...

We have an HP computer that is at least 3 years old, and have no troubles, as long as you run a registry cleaning program once in awhile to get rid of those deleted files that break up the storage space (from what I understand. I'm not totally with it, LOL). I have no idea of what an average number of photos would be, but I think we're a little above average.
That hat is very cute and looks a lot like the "Elvish" hat I made. I'll have to compare them. I've been making several pairs of bootees of the pattern you posted recently!
I made one FLS for my mom. I started with fewer sts than given to close in the neckline...I think I made it one size to mid-armhole, then increased for a larger bust size in the front only. Your's looks very good on you!

Jeanie said...

Love love LOVE your sweater!!! And did you just have a baby??? You look AMAZING!!!!!

Patty said...

Love the look of the long FLS. Your knitting is always absolutely beautiful!

Christy J said...

I have never seen a February lady knit to that length, and I love it. Now I'm thinking that I might need one too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Maryse said...

I think that you are still more productive and blogging more often than me! ;-) I think the photo for your February Lady Cardigan is very good! What a good idea to knit it longer! This cardi is such a classic! I love the leaves and the colors on the ground too! This is a very good fall photo! Love the little hat in these 2 colors and the socks! Isn't knitting socks fun!

Em said...

Your sweater is so lovely!!

clarebear said...

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