Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rhinebeck Goodies.

I know the photo is horrible...but it's so funny to me...Lise getting in her fiber!

knitting 2009 008
Ok, it's not really fiber she's eating. We were all eating this maple syrup cotton candy. When you entered the food building this waft of sweet smelling goodness pulled you immediately over to the source! We had to have it. But it does look like she is about to take a bite of some nice roving:)

Ok. You've read the stories of our Rhinebeck adventures...now here are the purchases!

briar rose
750 yrds of worsted weight yarn from Briar Rose was my first purchase. I have no projects in mind for any of the purchases...simply beautiful things that caught my eye.

Sport Alpaca from Times Remembered in SlateHill NY.

HS sheltland
I picked up 3 skeins of this handspun Shetland wool from Fiber Connection.

Alpaca Wool Blend roving from Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works for spinning. Yeah that's right...spinning yarn!!
I also got a huge bump of cormo wool roving from Blackberry Hill Farm. That's for my practicing!

These I love. This fabulous artist Conni Togel had beautiful canvases of sheep, "in all their quirkiness, silliness and cuteness". I had to get a few prints for that craftroom that I will have one day...

We searched high and low for a yarn guide...and finally we hit the jackpot at Susans fiber shop! We just about cleaned her out. I needed to try it for double knitting. I was having a problem with my left hand purling. My gauge was so different than my right hand's knitting. It worked! You can see a little video of me working with it here. No, I am not really showing you how to double knit...I just wanted to show how efficient a yarn guide can be. It's my first video, go easy on me!
That's it! I can't wait till next year...I am marking my calendar!


Annika said...

MAPLE SYRUP COTTON CANDY? That thud you just heard was me hitting the floor.

I liked your video! I want one of those gadgets now. I almost never do colorwork but I suspect I'd do more if I had one. Plus, it's really nifty.

dclulu said...

Extremely cool! I've never seen one of those gadgets before and I've been knitting for most of my 36 years.

Also -- and this is ridiculous -- now I know how to pronounce your name! Geek that I am, I'd been wondering if "cme" was continuing medical education...

Lise said...

There are more pictures of me eating on this trip than knitting or shopping! LOL

knittingknirvana said...

I REALLY wanted to try that cotton candy, but I was afraid I would eat the whole thing. ;)

I said hello to you as you were leaving the Briar Rose booth. I told you that I loved your blog--heeheehee I feel like such a groupie! :)

DPUTiger said...

Must. Find. That. Gadget. That would totally help with my colorwork. And it's nice to see someone with a similar knitting style!

Rhinebeck ... someday, I will make it to Rhinebeck!

Philosophical Karen said...

Hey, you did great on your first video! I also watched Handy Andy's yarn guide video. Very entertaining, but not nearly as HELPFUL as yours was.

Oh, and I'm glad you got a photo of me in my red "Cougar" boots. I probably won't wear them again until the next Rhinebeck trip. (I'm counting down!)

Philosophical Karen said...

Oops, that was CraftyAndy, not Handy Andy. I like his HufflePuff hat.

Lynn said...

I just want you to know that after seeing your photos, I am totally hooked on the Solstice Shawl but being a member of the 10% out-of-work population, I have been hunting for a substitute yarn in my rather large stash. I lucked out and found a cone of silk for weaving that I think will work well (yes, I will swatch it), and now I am dreaming about silk yarn every night. This has turned into a major obsession!

Unknown said...
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Susanne said...

Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuu???????