Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We did it...we went to Rhinebeck!!
What a trip it was. The drive was great, lively conversation...you could feel the excitement for our little yarn getaway, beautiful colours (they are ahead of us a little in the changes of fall) and some shopping. As excited as I was to be able to try on shoes (yes, 10.5/11 is a rare size here in canada) I couldn't find what I was looking for. Next year, I'll be stopping at a Ninewest Outlet:)

Karen has gracious blogged quite a bit about our trip. Head over to see some great photos and read of our adventures.
We stayed in Kingston NY which was right across the bridge from Rhinebeck, about a 10 minute drive...if that. Lise was the coordinator and did a fantastic job...a target pretty much in our parking lot! We were able to walk over so that I could load up on Super Mario pjs...what a hit at home and some yellow dial for dad!

knitting 2009 006
Karen, seen getting ready for some wool shopping!

The sheep and wool festival was fantastic. The idea is very similar to what we do here with the Downtown Knitters Frolic in toronto and the Knitter Fair in Kitchener...without the livestock...and all those food vendors....and of course Rhinebeck is on a much larger scale.
There were so many "farms" who had the most wonderful fiber for sale...what a treat.
The vendors were set up in huge tents and buildings...which was nice to sort of be outdoors walking through it all. It was a little nippy, nothing handknits wouldn't solve:)
The food was so yummy. Lucky for me my fair partners had read all about the best places to hit. Unfortunately the chicken pot pie line was just tooooo long to wait in and we hadn't even seen the artichokes. Day two, we were a little more successful in that regards!

knitting 2009 010

I think the trick is to get the artichokes and pot pie all in before noon!
Lucky for us the snow never came and the rain was just a little sprinkle.
We did end up attending both days, which really wasn't necessary. I could have done it in one day...but it is nice to go back and walk through to have a second look. There was much less of a crowd on Sunday. Mind you if you like it, buy it, because it won't be there the second day...lesson learned.

So, what did I buy...


Philosophical Karen said...

Well, at least my hair kind of looks good in that first photo. (Trying to be positive here.) I really like the second photo, though! We are smiling because the pie is so good.

Hope you are planning a second post to show off your purchases!

Allison said...

Not knitting related, but if you have a difficult shoe size and want a good selection, zappos.com is hard to beat! I wonder if they do free shipping to your neck of the woods, too?

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you had a great trip and I can't wait to hear about your purchases!

Brenda said...

Thanks for taking me to Rhinebeck - cyberly speaking