Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still here...just grafting away...

It seems the blog world is changing. Lately many of the bloggers who's blogs I frequent are calling it quits. Moving on to Ravelry, twitter, facebook and such. I am tempted at times to throw the towel in. I realize my post are far and few between, but I am still typing away. I often feel like I have nothing more to say.

I knit it, here it is.

Occasionally there are things that are new to me or things that peek my interest, giving me something to write about.

I am still here, but you can find me on twitter now...I am playing with the microblogging.

My knitting has taken a turn as well. I am knitting alot for Shall We Knit and loving it! I have also agreed to take on some repairs. I was unsure about this move at first...but it is quite stimulating! The latest repair is to an obvious favourite cotton sweater. It is well worn...errr...loved. I really should have taken before pictures. There were a couple dropped stitches and the bottom of the sweater ribbing as well as the cuff ribbing was not really salvageable. There were two routes to take with it. Knit down a rolled cuff and hem or reknit the ribbing and graft it on.

Of course the rolled cuff and hem would be the easiest. Cut and pick away the blue cuff and hem and then put the live stitches on needles. Because it is knit from the bottom up you cannot just then knit down the ribbing and all will be well. It won't match up. You would just knit down in st st and the hem and cuff would be rolled.
The other choice is making it the same as it is. Knit the cuff and hem from the bottom up with a tubular cast on. Then graft that to the sweater. Very time consuming...and ALOT of grafting.
And the winner is....forever grafting!

When the sweater arrives (yes, it was delivered by a man on a motorcycle - Tom - along with some sample yarn and pattern for an upcoming piece) I think to myself...why did I agree to this? Then I start looking at the sweater and imagine how important it is to the owner...for them to spend this money on such a repair.
Look at this challenge!
That is why I have agreed to this! I have to really use all of my knitting knowledge and experience to fix this machine knit sweater!


220 stitches around the hem and 60 stitches on each cuff. That is grafting together 560 stitches...not for the faint of heart.
Oh and 2x2 tubular cast on...yeah...I've never done that. Have no fear, other knitters are there!! Search the web and find, or rediscover, Ysolda. I've never cast on this way before...and the 2x2 is so easy!! I will absolutely be using this technique again.
SEE! A new technique! I love it.

sailboat II

The hem is cuff left to go. A few little fixes in the intarsia (just a little tightening here and there) and pulling some threads through. Your favourite sweater will be back in no time.
Thanks for the challenge:)


Lise said...

Dang gurl. Ya know that you are gonna be up to your eyeballs in repairs now, doncha? :) Awesome job though, you dare to go where no one has gone before!

Trisha said...

Don't leave!! Stay here and blog as often (or not) as you like. I am amazed that you can repair a machine knit sweater. I would never even think to try this. You rock!

April Klich said...

Sounds like a great service to be a part of. Good luck with the rest of the grafting.

I'm going to have to try a tubular cast on now.

Sue said...

I am sad that so many bloggers arent posting anymore. It is like having a catch up with an old friend and seeing what they have been up to and creating too. I am glad that you havent stopped blogging as I dont think facebook and twitter are the same. You sound as though you are enjoying your new knitting repair work too.

Nancy said...

Please continue to blog when you can. I enjoy reading your posts.

grumperina said...

Grafting was definitely the cleanest solution here, even though it was time-consuming. The fix looks perfect!!!

materfamilias said...

De-lurking to say how much I've enjoyed your blogging over the last few years and to say how much problem-solving knitters like you are appreciated -- a few times now I've got repairs done by a clever woman at my LYS and I've been happy to pay whatever she charges -- her services are priceless as I'm sure yours are.

Lori in Michigan said...

Bravo! Boldly go where you have not before! I agree with Grumperina on your choice. Well worth the effort for a treasured item to someone...
Sure do miss your posts, lady ...just slap one up when you can. I think I'll not be twittering, but I'll peek at your projects on Ravelry. I love your knit-sense!

dianamc said...

Oh you must not quit blogging! I need my favortite blogs for inspiration and problem solving ideas. Without you and Grumperina and Attic24, I would be a lonely and frustrated knitter who did a lot less knitting. I am too busy with running a family business and parenting three teens, whose social lives, music/sports activities and jobs are always more important than mine, to fully figure out and take advantage of all Ravelry has to offer. But I do have time to read a blog, in the evening while pretending to watch sports on TV with hubby. So thank you for taking the time to blog, even if it's just occaisionally.

Susan Luni said...

I've repaired a machine-knit sweater for a friend, not for pay, and agree completely. At first it's "Why?" then it's "Gosh, it looks so much better. That was fun." It's funny (to me) that people get so attached to sweaters and wear them out. I'd rather have new ones every year.
Thanks for the explanation of the cuff repair. I just repaired the neck ribbing, which was sewn on. The cuffs and hem needed repair, but the owner wanted to wait on that. I can use your method when I do repair them.
I agree that knit blogging is something that only interests the blogger for a couple of years. I disagree that there aren't many knitbloggers, though. New ones are cropping up. I love your blog, but if you heart is no longer in it, you should quit, or take a break. I know I'll quit someday. I also know there will be new bloggers to take my place when I do.

--Deb said...

I know what you mean, I miss the "heyday" of knit-blogging, but keep assuring myself that it's not dead!

Though twitter sure is tempting. (I'm __Deb there, by the way. Two underscores--long story.)

Philosophical Karen said...

Well, I know what you mean about being tired of blogging. I started way back when (not the knitting blog) and it's hard to find the enthusiasm any more. Twitter is nothing like blogging as far as I am concerned, but Facebook is good for connecting with friends.

Nothing beats a good knitting blog, though. Blog when you can!

Brenda said...

What a great service you are providing. And your attitude towards it is perfect.

Unknown said...

Hey you! Thank you for the update... I love reading your blog! It gives me some knitspiration because you have so many nice projects!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

I'm amazed at how many knitting blogs I've tried to follow are now defunct. I've been blogging for awhile but have just recently launched a knitting blog which is for all knitters like myself who are allergic to wool.
I love "Shall we Knit" and shop there whenever I'm in Ontario visiting my family. What fun to be knitting for them.
Karen and her staff really know their non-wool fibers and have a nice selection to choose from. I managed to catch the non-wool yarn sale earlier this month when I was up for my nephew's wedding. Anyway, say hello to Karen from Joan (Bethany's sister) when you are next in. thanks,