Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More socks...

I have really had this sock thing lately. I wore holes (like ginormous holes that you cannot possibly repair) in two pair of my socks this winter, so I need to stock up on hand knit socks for me!

Oak ribbed socks

oak ribbed socks

Started: June 20, 2009
Finished: July 14, 2009
Pattern: Nancy Bush's Oak Ribbed socks from Knitting Vintage Socks.

oak ribbed socks blocked

Yarn: This was a treat! The socks were actually knit from a sock blank I hand dyed at Shall We Knit during the knit in public day. The yarn is "Buffy's" from Shelridge farms. It is sooooo soft. This is the first time using her yarns, but I have heard only great things about it. The exact yarn for these blanks will not be widely available, if at all (I think it was some sort of special) but I definitely will knit with shelridge farms yarn again. I had a great time dying the blanks. This is something I will explore more in the future.
Adjustments: I knit these toe up using Judy's magic cast on, Cat Bordhi's increases and heel. All of which are my most favourite techniques that seem to be used in all of my toe up socks!

I have also been working away on many knits.
I have cast on another square for the GAAA.
There is a baby blanket for a friend on the needles.
A pair of socks for Dad...belated birthday gift...that are at a standstill until I check the size on the actual foot.
I have finished one diagonal lace sock and will probably cast on the other tonight.
Lastly, I have finished up another sample knit for Shall We Knit....here is a sneak peak!

transition gloves

Other than that, the kitchen is painted, the toy room has been cleaned (and 1/2 the toys given away!), the yardwork is done, the garage is clean and the laudryroom/furnaceroom is organized. Next up is the masterbedroom...goodbye purple!
I will leave you with this...

sun rainbow

Yesterday was a backyard swimming day....and the sun had it's own rainbow. What could be better than that?


April Klich said...

I love the colors of the Oak Ribbed Socks.

Good luck with all the gift knitting. I've already started my Christmas knitting and can't stop thinking about it.

Lyz said...

Wanna come clean my house too? I'm to busy knitting!

Awesome knits by the way :)

Unknown said...

The Oak Ribbed Socks are so cool! And that rainbow is pretty cool as well!