Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring is...just a few knits away.

You know spring is on its way when you get your hands on the spring Interweave knits.
My subscription ended long ago and I debated renewing. I flipped through issues in the bookstore/LYS as they came out. Nothing was really exciting me. A few knits...here and there...but nothing worth picking up the magazine for.
Nothing until Spring 2009!
I don't know what it is but this issue has so many knitable-wearable-knits. At least for me.
I love the cover sweater. Diminishing Rib Cardigan.
Gorgeous. Simple. A great addition to any knit wardrobe.
So, I cast on...and knit (a little obsessively).

220 of 220

The photo depicts the results of day one...220 yrds of 220.
I am now in the bottom ribbing section. It is a good tv watching/knit 'n chatting knit.
Hopefully I will be sporting my new spring knit...in my spring colour I like to call raspberry (depending on the light - it is more fushia in the daylight)...in no time.

Well what's the rush you ask?
I just really want to cast on for the Zickzack Tunic. Seriously. I love this knit. It is so me.
I have swatched already and have so much to tell you!

Oh and then there will be the Whisper Cardigan. And I love the lace in the issue...and Eunny's Blooming cotton scarf (just imagine that in wool for the winter...gorgeous)...the petal halter...hmmm...

If you need me I will be here knitting...


Unknown said...

I'm all about the Petal Halter. Usually the Spring Issue doesn't do it for me. But this year, there are definite winners!

Lyz said...

I picked up my copy of the mag the other day and totally fell in love with almost everything in this spring issue too. It almost makes one NOT see all that dang snow out there! LOL

Stephanie said...

I love the bright pink/raspberry. It's very springy and you just can't help but be optimistic about the weather when you see something that happy.

Philosophical Karen said...

I love love LOVE that colour. Hot pink, whether you call it raspberry or fuchsia, is just so darn happy.

Anonymous said...

What a great spring colour. You can sure tell your mo jo is back.