Monday, November 26, 2007

Making a list, and checking it twice.

So I am trying to knit every moment I have...a couple rows here, a couple rows there...and all the while staring at that list.
My boys see me knitting these hats and keep asking..." that one for me?"
OH man.
So I knit them two hats (which they are called the spy hats...not sure why...because they are black?) The hat was actually intended to be for S.S. so I had to knit three in order to cross one off the list.

Started: November 20, 2007
Finished: November 24, 2007
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in Black (one ball will make two)
Pattern: my own...I will write up for you. I knit it in a junior size but a change of gauge would make it adult size...and it is definitely unisex.
It is a simple pattern. An easy cable. A little one by one ribbing. I actually used a tubular cast on...well, for two of them.

This is My fashionable Life's version. I have done this one as well...and this one I have yet to try!
I think it would look cool with the tubular cast on in a different colour as well.

oh...I also finished another Patons classic merino purple...


My version of the snowball hat.

I was going to use the pattern from IK fall 2007 snowball hat...and mis read the chart...but whatever I just went with it!
A couple days for each hat...I am on a roll.


Anonymous said...

WOW! thanks for the pictures, inspiration, and link to the tubular tutorial. Can I knit like you when I grow up??

Anonymous said...

p.s. Is the Patons Classic Merino soft? or soft after washing? A inexpensive yarn that is worth buying seems too good to be true.

pacalaga said...

My little guy is too small to realize I might knit something for him, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want the pink lace stole I've been working on, anyway. I do have yarn to make him a little hat though - hopefully soon!

Emma said...

Hee, spy hat. Love them both, they look great.

Anonymous said...

your knitting projects are great but i miss your smiling face and your great poses with your finished knits your husband is one lucky guy to have such a gorgeous wife oh lala ce bella

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Mona Schmidt's tubular cast on (used for embossed leaves socks) found on Knit Stricken? I liked that one. Beautiful.