Sunday, April 08, 2007

Merry Christmas! or Happy Easter?

Sorry...It's been a little crazy.
I am happy to report some knitting...yes on this here snowy Easter day!

I am loving this yarn...magic garden buttons...that I am using. It is washable! I just love it's tweed look. (Do note that those tweedy bumps are not good when seaming.)

I am actually getting my knitting mojo back! I was up till midnight the other night knitting up the pieces! Like the good ole days.

So today I am stuffing and sewing....and the children are eating Easter chocolate like it is going out of style.
The day is full of sugar HIGHS and sugar LOWS. Let me tell you.
The crying...oh man.

My three year old just came over and burst into tears as he sees the monkey. Yes he wants one and this one is not for him....AND....he is eyeing my "stuffing" while crying out...


Do you see where this is going...we are on a SUGAR LOW people...a sugar low.


Pooch said...

Love that yarn! Thanks for providing the link! It looks like the perfect yarn for items for kids.

Anonymous said...

Sugar--I have one child that LOVES chocolate and one that has no sweet tooth. You can really see the difference by the end of a day like this!
I can't wait to see the finished monkey!

Lorraine said...

Just be glad you weren't trapped in a car on the way home with the sugar lows. Lovely yarn. All these tweeds I've been seeing lately are really starting to tempt me.

goodkarma said...

Amelie was gifted a handmade sweater and I swear it was made of that same tweedy yarn... if so, the recipient will be very happy with it and so will the person who does the laundry! It holds up in the wash very well and stays soft enough for a kiddo to wear.

Amy said...

At least the monkey is looking fabulous!

Vicki said...

I definitely think that my blahs this morning were due to some sugar lows after yesterday. And general Monday-ness too of course. Mr. Monkey is going to be sooo cute!

Elinor said...

Sugar lows suck! Your monkey looks absolutely adorable!!! How cute!