Friday, July 21, 2006


First, it doesn't get more exciting than this...that's for sure...

The icord belt.
Yes, that does mean that I have completed the sleeves...hurray! Now the very exciting icord belt...oh boy.
I am that much closer...a little finishing to do and I should have a FO in no time.

Let me tell you about my shopping day yesterday...
I went to find a strapless bra for a dress my SIL lent me to wear to an upcoming wedding. You can see where this is stop reading if you don't want to hear about it!

I'll check the Bay...there is no reason to go to the specialty bra store and spend over 100$ for something I will wear once or twice. Ha.

I am approached by a sales person (sales child, I should say...obviously trying to do something with her summer vacation.) while looking at the strapless bras.

salesperson: Can I help you find a size?
me: Sure, does this come in a 32".
salesperson: Not this one, no. What cup size are you looking for?
me: Well, I've been measured at a 32 DD but I think I am a D now.
salesperson: *starring at my chest* REALLY?! You certainly don't look like a D.

OK, shut your mouth little girl...obviously you know nothing about bras...nothing. You see with such a small circumference around, the cup size letter is larger. So a 32 D cup is equal to a 34 C cup and a 36 B cup...please your ignorance in bra sizing is just unbelievable, considering you are working in the bra section. I've had two children and breatfeed both...on top of that I have lost once you get all that up in the cup...they are quite large!

Seriously, I didn't say it but stood there starring right back at her having the rest of the conversation in my head. I took the 34 C and went off to the dressing room. I'll show her.

For all of you wearing the wrong bra size, please look at this. It is really important to be sized correctly. Most women are wearing the wrong size...are you one of them?


Wendy Stackhouse said...

I seem to be a 34C+ since the children and can't afford the specialty bra shop. Where do I find a 34D bra? They seem to think that if you're a D, you must be at least a 36. WT*?

--Deb said...

There was just an article in Time about this:,8599,1208335,00.html

Anonymous said...

I recently went for a proper fitting. After watching an oprah about this I "thought" I had been wearing the correct size. but there's a bit difference between the 38B I was wearing and the 34D that is my correct size.

enjoy the new size.

Anonymous said...

Ugh..I of course hate bra shopping. At a lovely is always fun! Actually I think I'm like a 34dd now but who's counting? I too once fell victim to the wrong bra size but no more, I'm very particular about it now!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Funny, but sad and true. I only need really one measurement now, the distance around, as with Titbits, you can be whatever size you want. Not everyone has a double mastectomy, but if you do, you have to try to find the humour in the situation. Bra buying is about as much fun as shoe buying when you wear a narrow shoe!! "These shoes fit narrow!" Just love that comment! Almost as good as, "You don't look like a D."

Mrs. H said...

I'm glad some else feels my pain. I need a 36DD which is hard to find. I can wear a 36D but it's a tight squeeze. My daughter needs a 32C. Good luck finding that. When I'm at my "correct" weight I need a 34D. As someone else mentioned, you can pretty much forget finding that. At least you CAN occasionally find a 36DD. Why do they do this to us? No wonder so many women wear the wrong size. The right size is nowhere to be found. sigh

MicheleStitches said...

ROFL!!! I have so been through this same scenario! Even fit specialists raise their eyebrow at me when I tell them my size...that is, until they actually measure me. Then they say, "Oh, honey! You were right!"

It is very hard to find bras that are in small sizes but with large cups! None of my local stores, even Victoria's Secret, stock 32D, or 32DD. And, after giving birth to 7 kids, I don't need a bra that is there for decoration! I need support!!

Rebecca said...

I am a 32DD/32D depending on the bra too. It pisses me off that I can't find bras in my size in the States. I have to buy them when I go visit my fiancé in Iceland or else mail order them from the UK.