Monday, July 31, 2006

Odds and ends.

There is no major project keeping my interest right now. I am trying to tackle a few odd little projects.

So here we have a doll...well, almost. The doll pieces are knit, so is the first outfit, but it still needs a whole lot of finishing.

I'm still working on the Cable and Seed Stitch sweater...but I hate having to alter the size and gauge every piece...even though it is so straight forward with a baby knit. I have the back complete and one front. Hopefully I will do the other front today.

I've also started a little bag for my niece. I don't know if I am loving it yet. She saw it Toys to Knit, the book with the doll pattern, and she just loved it. I told her I would knit it for her birthday...which is a couple weeks away.

Finally...the potty training. The first day went as expected...thank goodness we have hardwood or tile pretty much throughout!
Yesterday and so far today, he seemed to have master the easy part...

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Anonymous said...

oooh, maybe you should join us for UFO August!