Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The socks are here!

YEAH! Sockapalooza socks are in. All the way from Essen Germany!

They fit and are fantastic. Thank you sooooo much Silke! It is quite a relief to get these pomatomus version was not working so well! I ran out of yarn and tried to used another colour for the toe.

No. Not working. The pattern is way to busy to use a different colour. Also, the socks from my sock pal fit so nicely...and my version is way too tight. So now, I will rip my version out and make a different pair of socks!!

In other knitting news....
Check out Heidi's hot hat! Someone knit one of my patterns. This is so exciting. Great work Heidi, it looks fabulous!

A little Spring cleaning brings me to this:
I am never going to finish "River" in this superkid mohair. It's just not going to happen. Who wants it? Two balls of super kid mohair in purple and I'll throw in some knitpicks alpaca. I have suddenly realized why my eyes are so itchy when knitting with alpaca...I am so allergic to it! It's up for grabs....if you have something in your stash you want to get rid of and you would like the superkid mohair, send me an email!


Emma said...

To heck with making your own when you get such lovely ones in the mail! They're beautiful.

Tracy Batchelder said...

Your sock pal did a great job!

blissful said...

Beautiful socks!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful socks! I have seen them - the P-word socks - knit in many variegated yarns, but I think I like the solid colour too! Great sock pal! Now that I have a blog, perhaps I can get involved in some of these projects! First, though, I need help with the blog! I have emailed you with a couple of problem!

~Jody said...

Those socks are beautiful! Wish I had been able to get in on that swap!