Thursday, April 13, 2006

The "River" begins to flow.

So I joined the KAL for Rowan's River, bought the yarn then never started it.
I don't know what it is about it. Maybe it's because I have read how boring it is to knit...maybe it is because I am not the biggest fan of mohair...maybe it is because I had started it a couple times and didn't like the large yo holes and the fact the mohair sucks to frog...I just don't know.

Well, I forced myself to start knitting it. I decided to use smaller needles (US#7) which will give me more of a scarf than a wrap, that is just fine with me.

I don't own the proper needles for lace knitting. I am knitting on some susan bates straights...which are a little too heavy for me and the tips are too dull for lace. Addis are not even an option for this type of knitting. I don't really like the grab of bamboos.
The search is on for lace knitting needles!

I am not totally committed to this knit.
I will be cheating on River...sorry.
Just what with?

I have searched through blogland...spying on what you are knitting, what you have knit...looking through your blog roll for more inspiration. Nothing.

I would like to knit a shawl/wrap/scarf for Grandma...but nothing has grabbed me yet.
I also have two babies on the way...not mine!
When it doubt...look at Debbie Bliss patterns.
Check out this shell made from her new yarn Pure Silk. Hmmmm...with a little added shaping it may be perfect.
How about some gorgeous cabled cardigans? Grace and the Cabled Jacket. Possibilities.
I keep my eyes on this little baby knit. I love it. I do have a 50% chance that someone will have a girl.

I just don't know yet. I'll finish up my sockapal sock this weekend and paddle down the river...but other than that....


Lisa said...

I LOVE river, however Rowan doesn't sell just that pattern and I am certainly not buying the whole book for only one pattern. Oh well, maybe one day Rowan will sell only the pattern.

I have three balls of the HSH in black just waiting in the stash to be some kind of stole/shawl thing.

Good luck with yours. It appears you have gotten quite far fairly quickly.

Anonymous said...

If you find those perfect lace needles, let me (and everyone else) know. Although you may want to buy stock in the company before you spread the word.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am interested in perfect lace needles! What is the source of Grace - you find such goodies! Have a Happy Spring Holiday! It is cool here on Vancouver Island, and I think the daffs and tulips may be looking for shawls!

Shannon said...

I love Debbie Bliss patterns - I think the cabled baby jacket would work just as well for a boy. I'll be watching to see if you make Grace - it's on my "to do" list

~Jody said...

~A few ideas for lace needles ~

So far I like crystal palace bamboos for lace. They could be a bit pointer but beggars can't be choosers and all that. They have a subtle finish on them so they're not as "sticky" as clover bamboo but not so slick that you loose stitches like with aluminum.

I've also seen these cool needles with wicked small tapered tips specifically for lace however they are resin/plastic & I have an aversion to plastic so I've never tried them but a few of my SnB buddies swear by them.

LisaB said...

I have found Bryspun Flex needles to be good for lace. They are plasticy, flexible and have tapered points.

Your River looks beautiful so far! What book is the pattern in?

Sue said...

I love the baby cardigan. I made it for my daughter in a bright pink and she wore it. It was a quick knit. I love the other two jackets as well. What book are they from. I hope that you finish River. It will be one more project off the list and less stash yarn. Makes room for more stash enhancement.

Jane said...

I like Inox circulars for lace. They have nice pointy tips, although not so pointy that they stab your finger. They aren't perfect, but come pretty close.

Anonymous said...

I knit my River on Crystal Palace bamboo straights and they worked pretty well. They aren't the pointiest, but they have a nice finish (they're polished), so the KSH slides along nicely but you don't accidentally drop stitches.

Good luck - I'm sure your River will be as beautiful as all your other projects!

Unknown said...

It's funny...there are SO many of us complaiing about knitting needles for lace right now. I am trying lace for the first time (Euny's Print o' the Wave) and so far so good. I do not think I would be brave enough to try anything in Mohair.

It's looking great so far...I like the idea of using it more as a scarf.