Thursday, April 27, 2006

A little progress and a knitting request.

With many days spent walking to and playing in the park lately, the shawl is strickly knit at night. I am not bringing that baby to the park! I have made progress...I am on the edging now. I probably could have done one more repeat, it is hard to say.

This baby will be blocking tonight for sure. Then I need to finish my sock.

Yesterday I went and picked up this patons pattern.
You did see brooklyntweed's Urban Aran Cardigan didn't you? It is fabulous. I immediately sent the link to Tom (you remember my little brother...the tom hat). He loved it....if I may quote...

"i want one.
can you knit hemp?
thats what i wanted; a zip up.
the pattern is super cool.
i like the colour too.
it would also be cool in a green with yellow specks.
or yellow/brown.
so if you start to day you can finsh by may 14th right? (20 days)
i'll pay for the yarn."

I let him know that I have handled hemp yarn and it is really scratchy...I am sure it softens after wash...but I discouraged it. May 14th...he obviously thinks I can wip off a sweater in a couple days...well ok, I could. Pay for the yarn! Ha that's the funniest part! His birthday is in June, it could be a gift.

So I asked him what colour.

"if i had to choose from the web site i guess i'd pick;
0208 Malt Heather
but ideally, match colour of the attached photo.
i think;
60% green / 10% yellow / 20% Burnt Sienna / 10% black

Here is the photo he sent....

Anyway, I really like the cover sweater as well, for myself. I picked up some patons classic wool in brown. The dyelots were different, but you couldn't tell in the store. home, I could really tell. Lesson learned! I will take it back and pick another colour.

Other notes of inspiration. Have you seen this book? Well, I have only seen it on line...and I am LOVING it. I must get me a copy immediately!
Also, the summer IK looks pretty decent. I can't wait to actually get a copy in my hands to make some decisions.


Silvia said...

Which of the Paton's sweaters are you making, and what are you making it from? I just ordered it as well, but since I live in Florida, I'm probably making the must have cardigan from a cotton/acrylic blend (Tlc's cotton plus). Can't wait to see what you do. I love your knits and your site - very inspiring.

jody said...

Oh wow, another silk shawl. You're on such a roll!

That patons book is great.

BTW, I just wrote a post this morning about pre-washing linen yarn to soften it. I'll bet you can pre-wash hemp the same way

knitnthings said...

I'm so jealous - I've been looking for that Patons book for months. I really love the "Must Have Cardi."

How funny are brothers that they think you can just "whip it up" in not time flat. Mine does the same thing to me all the time. Lucky for me he's a hat & mitten guy - wouldn't wear a sweater if I paid him to.

shelley said...

Carolyn, Lana Knits offers hemp in a couple of weights, but also has hemp/wool and hemp/cotton. Might be a acceptable compromise.

grumperina said...

Your brother is such a character! And you're an amazing person for offering to knit him the Urban Aran! Thanks for the heads up about the Norah Gaughan book - I'm a big fan, and I didn't know about it... just ordered it sight unseen!

goodkarma said...

Your brother is a riot! I wasn't expecting the giant eyeball. :) Good luck with that one.

Julsey said...

that is so sweet that he wants a sweater (cardi if you're doing what Jared did) that matches his eyes...good luck with the color could always get some knitpicks dye your own...

Anonymous said...

oh Tom an environmentally friendly outfit to match the colour of your eyes... are you in love?

I think it is a fabulous idea.

HPNY Knits said...

the leaf pattern is lovely. it amazing how it blocks.
lucky for your btother, there are so many colors out there, you can literaly match his eye. it was jarring though.

brooklyn tweed said...

your brothers specifications?
HILARIOUS! i was really laughing out loud.... ha!

Anne said...

The new Elsbeth Lavold Hempathy yarn is really quite soft. Feels more like cotton than anything else. You may want to check it out.