Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Beady Beady.

Ok, you know that I found some Rowan Cashsoft on the weekend. Now for the beads.
So I drive over to Ottawa Street in search of the bead store...Beads are us...Beady Beady...We Bead You Bead, I don't remember the name...whatever.
I drive up and down and there is no Bead store on Ottawa Street. Unless of course it is in some little hole above a store.
But wait...there are two Yarn Stores on Ottawa...ahhhhhh.
A quick stop to Prattes gives a little bead searching satisfaction with 5 balls of Baby Ull. I've heard and seen some of you comment and knit with it. Some like, some don't. I need to try.

Dad...you may finally get a pair of socks!

I looked up another bead store on Tecumseh...here I go again. Finally. Beads. I get the perfect colour for the cashsoft. After a little additional shopping...70% off sweaters...(why do I knit when I can buy a gorgeous sweater for $19.99...I'll explain another day.) I head towards home.
Ready to knit something different than the Olympic Sweater, I start stringing 150 beads...well 160 to be safe. I cast on and get 1/2 way through the ribbing and come to this:

That's right, a knot. Damn. I am not stringing those beads again. So let's spit splice.

Success. The yarn splices wonderfully. I yanked on it and not a problem...the beads pass over with out a hitch.
I start knitting with the beads.

This isn't so difficult! I can do this. I get the hang of it.
Wait...was that 3 stitches then a bead and 3 rows then a bead row.

Yeah. I knit 3 rows inbetween the first set and 2 rows on this second set.

Now, back to my Olympic Knitting.

Q&A: Jacqui asks where I got my blocking board. Joann.com. They frequently have on line coupons. I am sure I got it 50% off.


Stephen C. Rose said...

Creative blog. Thanks, S

Anonymous said...

I would have had choice words about that knot, that's for sure. And I wouldn't have thought to spit-splice it because the yarn has microfiber. Then again... knot, beads... yeah, I would have tried it too!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, can't wait to see your Odessa!

Elemmaciltur said...

I *heart* the colour!