Friday, December 23, 2005

I love felting!

Ok, this was just too much fun! I ended up washing twice and it was perfect. I searched for some leather ties for handles but could only fine some leather string that I braided together...just not what I wanted. So I made the twist cord and it looks great. I didn't bother making the eyelet holes for looks fine without.

and a close up of the felting...

This was knit in about 4 hours...maybe 6, who's counting...a night and a half of knitting. the bottle inside is a huge wine bottle that I used to shape it while it dried. A smaller bottle will be going in it. This was just too much fun, I can predict more felting over here!
Pattern: Handknit Holidays, the Felted Wine Bag.
Yarn: Highland collection peruvian wool...I double stranded which is a waste of yarn really, but I love it. I used a ball of each, then had to start a second ball of one colour that completed the entire base.
Adjustments: The gauge was really close...11.2 in 4" is the pattern, and I got 12 so I increased the sts, also knowing I was putting in a liquor bottle not a skinny wine bottle. It is perfect!

In other knitting news...the MIL scarf is coming along just is an acceptable size today's additional rows are a bonus. I still have to sew in the zipper on FIL's vest. I am thinking of adding a scarf to the list...a quick knit like this one I did...I can do it...I have one more day!


Anonymous said...

So cute, I love the colors you chose. It's very wintery!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the colors and it looks so "finished"... "professional"! Happy holidays!

Holly said...

It's lovely. What size needle did you use?

WandaWoman said...

love the colors and bag looks really great.

Gail said...

I love the colours! I'd love to know which ones you used.